as long as you love me

HI im Emma Constancio. you are probably freaking out right now yes im Andrew and Alex's sister they are the best brother's I can ever have I'm 16. MY BFF is Zack and Mallory.I'm always with the Crew. We live in a huge house i love my bedroom. My brother's are like my best friend's. I have a huge crush on Austin.


5. party

Austin:okay how about Tomorrow

Emma: Okay fine with me are you staying the night with alex

Austin: yeah he wants me to

Emma: Andrew is Mia staying

Andrew she can if she wants to trinity do you want to

Mia: yeah sure why not

Emma: okay then im going to see if Mallory is doing anything tonight

Text to Mallory

Emma: are you with Robert

Mallory: yes

Emma: how about you guyz come over we can have like a party with the rest of the crew

Mallory: yeah sure

Emma: alex austin can you guys come down here

them: yes

Emma: do you guys want to invite the crew over with their girlfriends

Them: Yeah sure what are we having a party


Mallory and Robert showed up first of course then,Taylor  ,Zack and Kaleb

Austin: wanted to order pizza

after we ate we went swimming the girls did not have swim suites so they got mine

Andrew: Pushed Mia in the pool

Austin: pushed me

I got out and ran after him and pushed him in

Austin: Love you

Emma: love you 2

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