as long as you love me

HI im Emma Constancio. you are probably freaking out right now yes im Andrew and Alex's sister they are the best brother's I can ever have I'm 16. MY BFF is Zack and Mallory.I'm always with the Crew. We live in a huge house i love my bedroom. My brother's are like my best friend's. I have a huge crush on Austin.


2. do u like Austin

Alex: if you her like then ask her out but don't break her heart

Austin: i wont i think I'm going to take her out on a dinner date

Alex:Okay that's fine

Later that day

Alex:Hey sis can i talk to you

Emma: yeah sure

Alex: do you like Austin

Emma: ummm are you going to be mad if i do like him

Alex: no i don't care

Emma: yes i like him a lot

Alex: Okay if he breaks your heart you better tell me

Emma: yes alex did you buy me that car

Alex: yes

Emma: OMG  Alex that is a lot of money

Alex:its fine i don't care

Emma: thank you alex your the best brother in the world

Andrew: what about me

Emma: Yes Andrew you to where is your girlfriend

Andrew:she is coming over right now

The door bell rang

Andrew: there she is

Andrew opens the door

Andrew: Hey Babe really Austin what are you doing here

Austin: none of your business at least I did not say hey Babe to you

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