I'm in love with you...

Alice was a nonrmal 19 year-old teenager. She went to school, had a part-time job, and everything that a normal teenager would have. Holmes Chapel was a small town, everyone knew everybody. Until one mystery teenager showed up.


2. The class

The bell rang, and we all jumped up and ran out of the class. I walked to my locker, and started opening the combination. "Hey," I heard. It was Harry. "Oh hey!" I smiled, and grabbed my chemistry notebook. "What's you next class?" He asked with those curious eyes. "Chemistry." I simmply replied smiling. "Oh, I have that class!" He replied excitedly. "Great! Hey um' wanna go to lunch in 4th period?" I asked hoping for a yes. "Sure, "Lunch Buddie"," he said childishly. I laughed, and we both walked to the class. We got to the room, and I sat at my usual seat in the left corner of the classroom. Harry was seated with Amber... She was the girl who hooked up with every guy at parties, and acts drunk and pretends she didn't. She'd take Harry away. I saw her wink at him, and he smiles unsurely. Class was torture... I just saw Amber flirting with Harry. I walked out of the room quickly, and raced to my locker. I opened it, threw my book in and grabbed the next one quickly before I saw Harry. As I raced down the hall to Reading, I bumped into someone I didn't wanna see...

||Sorry it's short, more soon.||

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