I'm in love with you...

Alice was a nonrmal 19 year-old teenager. She went to school, had a part-time job, and everything that a normal teenager would have. Holmes Chapel was a small town, everyone knew everybody. Until one mystery teenager showed up.


1. The beginning

"Alice!" I heard my mom scream. I woke up, and went straight to the shower. I walked in and stripped, I then stepped into the shower, and let the cold water hit my back. I cleaned my hair with the nice strawberry scented shampoo. I got out of the shower, and wrapped the towel around my hair, and bare body. I walked back into my room, and went through my closet. I chose a nice Abercrombie t-shirt, skinny jeans, and some white hightops. I quickly changed, and went to blow dry my curly hair. I straightened my hair, like usual. I grabbed my phone, put it in my pocket, and grabbed my backpack. I went downstairs, and made myself some french toast. I quickly ate it, and gulped some milk. I quikly checked the time 7:55. Shoot. I went running outside, hopped into my car, and drove the fast as I could to get to school. Today was the day that I couldn't get late. I drove down the street, getting into the student parking lot. I quickly parked, and ran out of my car, to get to first period. I ran down to my locker, and tried opening it as fast as I could. I grabbed my textbook, and slammed my locker. I ran to my class in the B building. It was upstairs, and we couldn't take the elevator, so I ran up the stairs, and opened the door. "Late... again." said Ms.Montgomery.  "Sorry, I woke up late.." I said quietly walking to my desk. She ignored me, and walked straight to the front of the board. She did her lesson. I looked over at the door, I saw a cute boy with curly hair, and green eyes at the door. He smiled at me, and walked in. "Ms.Montgomery? Um.. My name is Harry, and I'm a new student." He said. "Well go sit next to Alice." She said sharply. He smiled, and sat next to me. "Hi, I'm Harry." he said. He's so cute... Alice! You can't fall for him. "Alice," I smiled back. I turned to look at the board once more. I could feel him looking at me every once in a while.

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