A Warzone Over Little Things

My names Lozzie. Im 18 and am being held hostage by some guy who kidnaps celebritys. Why did he take me? I have no idea. Anyway, 10 people are also here with me. You may know them, The Wanted and One Direction.


1. Why me?

"Two British/Irish boybands have been missing for a week now. Police have had no luck finding them and may have to believe they were killed. Police are still searching and are planning not to stop until they find them." The news lady, Melinda Sanders, said. I can't believe someone would kidnap two of my fave bands. Anyway, I'm on my way out. Gotta go buy some more razor blades. Yes, I cut. And if you have a problem with it, well tough. I grabbed my phone and put it somewhere no one would guess it was, and left my apartment. It was cold outside so I wrapped up extra warm. 
I arrived at the shops and straight away, went to where I need to be. I grabbed the cheapest packet I could. I went over to the till and paid before leaving. The street was empty.
awfully quiet. Almost suspicious. I was walking and then just, I just blacked out.

I don't remember anything. My head hurts and my arm stings. My lip feels puffy and aches. I fluttered my eyes open to reveal a room. I've never seen it before in my life. In the corner of the room, there was a table with restraints attached to it. In front of my face, there's bars. It's kinda like a prison. There's a few doors to the side of the room and some steps. I looked around me and realised I wasn't the only one behind the bars. There were about ten other people here with me. I looked down at the floor and realise so was only in a bra and sweat pants. What the hell is going on?

"No, Harry. Don't scare her." Someone said but I'd recognise that voice anywhere. It belongs to the one and only Niall Horan. I snapped my head towards his voice and saw him. He was slumped against the wall with Harry Styles and Nathan Sykes. Oh my gawd, I was kidnapped by that guy. The one who kidnapped One Direction and The Wanted.

"Hey, Love. You alright?" Niall asked. I stood up and went over to him. He smiled at me along with Nathan and Harry. I smiled back and sighed.

"I'm fine. Can you just tell me where I am, please?" I asked. Niall shook his head and stood properly. He place his hand on my shoulder and sighed loudly, causing someone on the other side of the cage thing to moan or groan.

"I'd love to, but I don't know either. None of us do. By the way, I'm Niall." Niall said. I nodded and put my hand to my lip and found it was bleeding. 

"I know who you are. Cause over there's Harry Styles and Nathan Sykes. I'm Lozzie." I replied. Niall nodded as I heard someone groan again over the other side. I turned around and saw Max George, Liam Payne, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, Louis Tomlinson, Jay McGuiness and Zayn Malik. They all glared at me and I really felt like I was naked. Well, I was sorta naked. Then I remembered it. My pho-

"Lozzie, c'mere. And no hesitations. I will do what I please." Said someone's echoey voice. I gulped and made my way to the front of the cage. That someone was a guy. A guy who looked awfully familiar. He came and unlocked the cage and grabbed my wrist before locking the cage again. Niall and Nathan came up to the bars and watched my every move and his every move. He looked me in the eye before putting his hand on my cheek. I shakily stood there, hoping he wouldn't find my phone. But I thought that too soon. His hand found his way into my bra and pulled my small phone out. He played with it for a bit before smashing it against the floor. 

"What do you think your doing!?" I shouted. He looked at me. Unhappy written across his face. I gulped as he bent down to my height, I'm very small in height, and slapped me hard across the face.

"You don't remember me, do you?" He asked. Then, something clicked in my brain. I knew who he was. My old English teacher, Duncan Sarster. I nodded quickly as a response.

"Duncan Sarster. My old English teacher back in primary school. Used to make fun of my braces and glasses. Made my life a living hell. And that's when you were a teacher. You smacked me, you hurt me, and you didn't get punished for any of it." I painted. He nodded and grabbed my wrist again. He started dragging me over towards the table with the restraints on. He lifted me onto it but didn't put the restraints on me.

"Your lucky you know, could of been Zoey who got this done. But I chose you, I love hurting you." Duncan smirked. I sat there, swinging my legs back and forth. He climbed up next to me and sat. Then, he pinned me down and put the restraints on me. I struggled against the hard leather straps but they wouldn't budge. Duncan turned away and I glanced over at Nathan and Niall. They looked at me, worried and heart broken? I must be really bad at telling people emotions. Duncan turned back around with a lighter and a knife. I struggled even more as he came closer and closer. Eventually, I could feel his breath on his stomach. He grinned at me as he lighted the lighter. It's glow shimmered on the bars and reflected onto my tummy. The lighter inched closer to my tummy. Soon, all I could do was scream. It burnt my whole stomach, leaving it red and painful. I looked up and Duncan with scared and sorry eyes. He ignored me and put the lighter away. Next, he grabbed the knife and ran it over my freshly burnt stomach. It hurt like hell and I screamed again. He made a tiny cut and I bit my lip, trying not to scream. He made the cut bigger before dropping the blood covered knife and getting something else from the cupboard behind him. I took this time to look at Nathan and Niall again. They both looked so upset, so hurt. Duncan turned back around and came back to me. He had in his hand a bottle. Like one of those salt things from chip shops. I shut my eyes as he shook the thing above my stomach. As I screamed, I realised it was salt. Was he trying to make me heal?

"P-please stop." I cried. He smirked again before undoing the restraints and putting me back in the cage thing. He walked back upstairs as we were alone. Everyone looked at me and I started to cry again. My tears weren't hot like they usually were. They were ice cold. My stomach had five different types of pain in it. And I'm pretty sure I was starving. Niall sat next to me on the floor and hugged me, making sure he didn't touch my stomach. Nathan joined in too and I continued to cry. I felt Niall mumble something but I didn't understand. Maybe I was just too tired.


 A/N: Okay, first chapter. Anyone like it?

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