little things( zayn malik and harry styles fan fic)

Im five feet and nineteen my name is veronica my best friend is 4 11 in she is 19 her name is ciera cowell she was adoped by simon she loves zayn and i love harry what happens when zayn falls in love with me and harry loves her. read more to find out..........


1. rumors

(sorry im kinda lazy so ummmm c = ciera v =veronica)



c:did u know rumors are going on saying one direction is coming to this school

v:like you said rumors people probably just trying to get directioners hopes up

:c:well i asked jasmin the presidant of this wack school she said yes

v:if they DO come i call harry

c:i call zayn ok

v:ok and nofight ing over boys again ok


v: fine well why cant you just met them after all you are simon cowell adped daughter since you were like umm let me think 4

C: because he  wont let me he too protective

V: tell him to back the fuck off he aint your real daddy

c: shut up veronica your so stuiped he praticly is he raised me

V :well forget  your ass to i was trying to stick up for you



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