little things( zayn malik and harry styles fan fic)

Im five feet and nineteen my name is veronica my best friend is 4 11 in she is 19 her name is ciera cowell she was adoped by simon she loves zayn and i love harry what happens when zayn falls in love with me and harry loves her. read more to find out..........


3. concert


Veronicas pov

Ciera and i went to the concert they sang what makes you buetiful first.

Zayn said' twitter questions time'

'I am so exited ima ask something  ' i told Ciera

'ok ask if the can see any cute girls in the front row 'Ciera asked

'ok' I replied

Zayn exclaim 'first question........

do you guys see any cute cute girls in the first row and con you bring

them up so everone can see HARRY FIRST'

'i pick umm... this lovely lady umm wat your name' harry asked ciera

helping her up.

'ciera' she replied

i got super jelious.harry said ' zayn next'

'umm i pick this young lady wat is your name ' zayn asked ME

'Veronica' i replied suprised ' you think im cute '

zayn replied ' of course your buetiful umm ... would you like to hang out later on'

'yes of course that will be lovely ' i replied

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