My Life from now and on (sequel to one direction adopted me!!!!!!)MUST READ

Sequel to One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!- Andy got adopted by one direction and well things and life have their ups and downs like hills. Will Andy and the guys get through all thats happening. YOU NEED TO READ FIRST PART THEN THIS ONE TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!


6. School

Harry's POV

Our concert was two days ago which was really great as well as Andy's birthday. Thinking about Andy we need to enroll her in school she needs to get an education. I got out of bed and slipped on my house shoes and walked downstairs to the kitchen where I found everyone.

"Good morning everybody" I called out.

A chorus a good mornings and waves came from all over the kitchen.

"Hi daddy!" Andy smiled skipping into the kitchen.

"Good morning babygirl" I said picking her up.

"Andy your 9 years old now and when we got you we should have put you in school so that you could get an education." I said sitting her down in a chair.

"I don't want to leave you daddy" Andy said pouting.

"Princess I'll take you to school and pick you up from school everyday" I said smiling down at her.

"I won't make friends" she said with tears threatening to fall.

"I promise you'll make friends everybody will want to be friends with you" Niall said walking over to her.

"Really?" she asked smiling.

"Duh" Louis said being dramatic.

"I like you don't I" he said getting in her face.

"We'll I guess if you like me than others will too. When do I start" she asked.

"You start tomorrow so let's get you some school supplies and a outfit for tomorrow." I said getting her off the chair.

"I want the girls to take me" Andy said.

"Are we not good enough for Andy?" Louis questioned her.

"I didn't say that. I just want the girls to take me" she said walking away.

"You heard her boys move aside" Danielle say brushing past us followed by Perrie, El, and Sophie.

"We'll boys I think we should find something else to do" Zayn said walking to the living room.

"We'll go out when they return" I said sitting on the couch.

We waited for 2 hours for the girls to come back but they were taking to long so we just left.

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