My Life from now and on (sequel to one direction adopted me!!!!!!)MUST READ

Sequel to One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!- Andy got adopted by one direction and well things and life have their ups and downs like hills. Will Andy and the guys get through all thats happening. YOU NEED TO READ FIRST PART THEN THIS ONE TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!


5. My birthday part 2

When i opened all my presents i thanked everyone when it was turn to thank daddy i hugged him like no one before and said in his ear 'thanks for adopting me' He hugged me back and told me i was worth it.With that i was put backstage with uncle paul and he said"I also have a present for you sweetie" He took me to the dressing room and there i saw a cute little bulldog. I jumped and ran to it then i went to my uncle and hugged him and told him thank you. "What are you going to call him" Louis said as the guys finished the concert and came in the room "I dont know what should i call him Uncle"I asked Louis. "You should call him boobear" He said "Okay i like it"I said We went home and it was all dark then alot of people came out and yelled 'SURPRISE', it was surprise party for me. I met everybody from My uncles family to my aunts family to my dads family. The most important one for me was Dads family because i wanted them to like me for me. I got really close to dads sister Gemma she was really nice they all also gave me presents (but im tired and lazy to put the thing she got). I also got close dads mum Anne so is just like harry and gemma kind and sweet. I got well with everyone but most them and Dads stepdad also   he was really nice and sweet.

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