My Life from now and on (sequel to one direction adopted me!!!!!!)MUST READ

Sequel to One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!- Andy got adopted by one direction and well things and life have their ups and downs like hills. Will Andy and the guys get through all thats happening. YOU NEED TO READ FIRST PART THEN THIS ONE TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!


2. Having a shopping day

Andy's Point of View


I woke up in my daddy's lap. Yesterday we had a movie night and we all slept in the couches. I got up trying not to wake up dad but FAILED."good morning cupcake"he said getting up the couch. We woke everyone up and harry and louis planned to take everyone to i hop. The guys said they were going to invite their girlfriends so we had to wait this is the order they came Perrie,Eleanor, then Danielle. We were all ready so we left right away when we got there to our luck there wasnt any people in  line so we got a table fast. When the food came the waitress came and started to flirt with me he was like winking at me and had bieber hair and would be flipping it at me everytime."DUDE STOP FLIRTING WITH ME IM ONLY 7 YEARS OLD"i yelled at the top of my lungs now everyone was looking at me. The guy left but i could see he was embarrassed. When i sat down i looked at everyone they were all smiling or had there mouths opened. "WOW!!THAT WAS AMAZING"Louis said "I didnt know you had that in you cupcake"He said chuckling "I just hope this isnt in tomorrow"I said "why not it would be funny i can already see it 'waitress at i hop flirting with 7 year old girl' HAHAH" Perrie said "You know what i barely noticed" Daddy said "What dad" I asked "that you cupcake and perrie have the same british voice"Ha said "we do" we both said at the sametime. "nice" I said


                                             Sorry for a short chapter

Love you potatoes and carrots!!!!<3

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