My Life from now and on (sequel to one direction adopted me!!!!!!)MUST READ

Sequel to One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!- Andy got adopted by one direction and well things and life have their ups and downs like hills. Will Andy and the guys get through all thats happening. YOU NEED TO READ FIRST PART THEN THIS ONE TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!


3. Having a shopping day Part 2

When our food was ready there was a new waitress helping us for the morning "Sorry for the guy right now"she said "its okay" i said back to her When we finished our food we went to the car "So where are we going?"I said "well babe the girls are going to take you shopping and then we are going to meet and go to the movies to watch The OZ great and powerful" Zayn said "Okay where are we going shopping?" I asked Eleanor "The mall" She replied. 

'Skip Car Ride'

When we got to the mall the guys said they were going to buy the tickets and go see their clothes so the girls and I were left alone to shop. We first went to Crazy 8 for more undies and training bra's. Then we went to Selfridges to buy some jeans and some really cute shirts.We were passing through a store and i was looking at the window things they had. Something caught my eye a shirt that had my favorite music which is Cher Lloyd, One direction, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix. That's the shirt design.

 "Look at that"I said the girls stopped and looked at what i was talking about "AWW that is so cool do you want it Andy?"Danielle "Yeah but i dont want you guys to buy it for me"Andy said "Im going to save money and buy it" I said "Okay heres a dollar so you can start"Eleanor said. I took the dollar and but it in my pocket. When we finished shopping we found the guys and Louis went to but all the bags in the car when he came back it was time to watch the movie. Me and Niall went to the counter and bought some popcorn and a big DR.PEPPER. we also got four twix to share.

Eleanor's Point of View

Andy wanted the shirt she saw in the music store and well didnt want us to buy it to her but she said nothing about her father buying it for her. I was going to tell her when we got to the theater and  now is my cue. "Hey, Harry can i talk to you"I asked "Yeah sure whats up" He said "Well when we were finding you guys saw a shirt she liked and well she didnt want us tho buy it but you should buy it for her since tomorrow  is her Birthday"i said "Oh thanks Eleanor that helps me a lot but you should buy it for her since i already have a present for her"He said 'Are you sure you could give it to her or make it a gift from all you girls"He said "Thanks harry" i said as i hugged him Befor the movie started i told the girls the plan with the shirt they all said it was a good idea so we all but half and i said i was going to the restroom but i was going to go buy the shirt. When i got there i found one in Andy's size and heard that here they can already rap it for you just for 20 more cents.So I but in more money and got it rapped for her. I had to hide it until tomorrow so i was lucky i had a big purse with me today. When i came back there were still watching the commercial part then the movie started.Lets see if Andy enjoys tomorrow we already have everything planned it's going to be a surprise party so Andy dosent know.Shhhhhh.


Love you potatoes and carrots

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