*For the 'Inspired by a song' competition*
Song: How To Save A Life -The Fray
--Axen is the infamous leader of the Aeonian gang.
He is known as being heartless and having no mercy.
But what people don't know about Axen is that he is plagued by a ghost. The ghost of the first person he killed. Axen doesn't even know it himself he only knows that she plagues him in his nightmares and he constantly has the funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that he is being followed. Jay, a new recruit into Axen's gang changes everything. He's the only one that can see her. The only one that can tell that she's fallen in love with the infamous monster that killed her. The only one that help her change this monster. --


2. Somewhere along in the bitterness

-2 months later


 “He’s never going to hear you, you know.” Jay’s subdued voice whispered from his hiding place in the shadows.

 Annoyed at his comment, the redhead girl ground her teeth together roughly and continued to stare on through the plummeting raindrops as they fell down from the darkening sky above…

…shimmering ever so slightly, catching in the moonlight, before plunging down to earth and smacking down into the hard ground and vanishing from sight.

 Vanishing… like her.

 She let her eyelids gently flicker closed and took a step out of the shadows and into the dimly lit alleyway, imagining how the rain would feel as it hit the bare flesh of her shoulders and how it would soak into the deep blue of her tank top and skinny jeans–drenching them so much that every slight movement would send millions of tiny dancing raindrops scattering downwards to join the puddles that coated the pebbles of the alley’s floor below.

 She shivered just thinking about it.

 Jay frowned as he watched her -her long red hair swinging ever so slightly as she brought her arms up around her chest and shivered. He watched as the raindrops fell right through her as if she wasn’t even there.

 Why was a girl like her following his Boss around like a lovesick puppy dog vying for attention from its owner? Couldn’t she see the impossibility of a relationship with the man?

 The girl was dead for heavens sake, and Axen, well Axen…

…Axen was an another problem entirely.

 The girl slowly opened her eyes and lifted up her fingertips up to the light that scattered down onto the ground from the moon’s wistful face. Her eye brows knitted together in disgust, as she herself realized the raindrops dropped straight on through her translucent hands and hit the floor below, like she didn’t exist. And she didn’t. Not in this world anymore.

 Scowling further, her forehead wrinkling up, she looked at her clothes –still unaffected by the torrential rain that fell down.

 Jay forcibly cleared his throat to try and get her attention, and it seemed to do the trick as it sent her whirling around on the spot; a rumble escaping the back of her throat to spot her new but very unwelcome visitor to her place of solitude.

 “You have no right coming here.” She glowered at him, baring her teeth like a wild animal.

 Jay took a step out of the shadows, his wet features gleaming in the light and his dark jeans and t-shirt perfectly sculpted to his body as the rain hit his clothes and molded it to his body like a second skin.

 His green eyes glinted and Jay couldn’t help it as his mouth slightly twisted up into a half smile, half grimace. “What’s your name?” He lifted his hand towards her as if beckoning her into an embrace.

 She took a step back, “None of your business, Jay.” She said bitterly, putting the emphasis on the ‘Jay’ part of the sentence mockingly.

 Jay’s mouth quirked even more up at one side, “Aah…but here I am at a disadvantage, as you know my name but I don’t know yours.”

“So…? Your point is?” She pulled her arms in tighter around her chest. “I know you really don’t really care about what my name is do you? You’ve come here to tell me something. So go on tell me. Then afterwards you can return the favor and leave me alone.”

 Jay sighed heavily lifting his hand up to his hair and pushing back his waterlogged fringe from his forehead.

 “Stay away from him.” Jay took another step towards the girl, his eyes glued to her trivial but stubborn form. “This relationship you are trying to establish with him is doing neither of you any good.”

 “And what would you know about our relationship huh?” She retorted back at him.

 “I know that you’re following a lost cause. He won’t ever change and even if he does he will never be able hear, see or even touch you. It’s a relationship doomed right from the start.”

 “And you got all of that from just following us around for two months?”

 “I’m very receptive.” Was Jay’s indifferent reply.

 She threw back her head and laughed, her hands dropping to her sides and her features twisted in pain. “You know nothing.”

 “That’s not true I…” Jay started but was interrupted by her, “Did you know that I’ve been ‘following him’ around for more than five years now, huh? Ever since he killed me.”

 With every word she pronounced, she took a step forward towards Jay, her expression angry and judging.

 Jay’s breath caught in his throat, “He… he… killed you?”

 The girl nodded, her lips pressed into a straight line. “In this very alley.” She pointed to the floor dramatically with one finger.

 “I’m so sorry… I…”

 “Shut it. I don’t want no sympathy. And he’s suffered enough for my death anyways. Its my fault he’s the way he is today.”

 “Your fault?”

 “I made him who he is today. I made him suffer. But yet somehow along the way, I still fell…” her voice faltered as she suddenly caught the words she was going to say in the back of her throat before they tumbled out so the world could hear.

 “You need to let go,” Jay whispered, their faces only inches away by now as they continued their big stare down.

 “No.” She took a step backwards, their faces finally separating and her eyes still glaring at Jay.  “You need to learn to keep your stupid nose out of other people’s business.”

 Then she vanished from sight, leaving a drenched Jay standing alone in an alley staring dumbly into the space she had once been.



WORD COUNT: 964 (roughly) 

Total word count: 2678 (319 words left to go)

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