*For the 'Inspired by a song' competition*
Song: How To Save A Life -The Fray
--Axen is the infamous leader of the Aeonian gang.
He is known as being heartless and having no mercy.
But what people don't know about Axen is that he is plagued by a ghost. The ghost of the first person he killed. Axen doesn't even know it himself he only knows that she plagues him in his nightmares and he constantly has the funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that he is being followed. Jay, a new recruit into Axen's gang changes everything. He's the only one that can see her. The only one that can tell that she's fallen in love with the infamous monster that killed her. The only one that help her change this monster. --


3. And I would have stayed up with you all night


 The beautiful forlorn redhead just stood there staring at the sleeping Axen silently and Jay lay soundlessly watching from behind the door.

 Jay’s eyes then went to focus in on the quivering hands that hung by her sides, and suddenly the realization daunted upon Jay.

 The redhead was in love with his Boss –the dreaded, merciless, infamous gang leader.

 And she was afraid. 

 Her hands still shook violently as she swallowed a deep breath in and took a step forward towards to where Axen sat at his desk- his head leaning against a pile of papers on his desk and his eyes tightly shut closed.

 Her lucid red hair swung back and forth as she stepped forwards -almost as if she herself were actually real, alive and breathing.

 She drew her fingers up to his face; her smooth tactful fingertips contrasting with the cruel callous edges to the scars on his face. Most would be disgusted with this sight; the upmost of innocence associating with such treacherous malevolence… but the hidden Jay couldn’t help but stare at this sight in wonder- it was despicable yet at the same time it still managed to be extremely moving to the beholder.

 She let the pads of her fingers hover over his features as he slept, his nostrils flaring as he snored lightly; the edges of the papers that his head was lying on flickering at the force of his breathing.

 Her fingers twitched towards Axen’s skin like a moth to a flame. Never quite touching his ingrained features -a mystical barricade between them that everyone was oblivious to except them themselves.   

 A barrier that rendered them incapable to ever truly be together, Jay believed.

 In the thin strip of air that separated her and his face, her fingers traced down to the tip of his scar and travelled downwards towards its destination on the bottom of his ridged lip. Her breathing had hitched up a notch by now and her pupils dilated as she stared at his lips.

 Then she began to lean in.

 Jay’s mouth dropped open. What the hell was she doing? She was a ghost and ghosts by nature are incapable of touch, so why was she trying to… trying to… trying to kiss him?

 Axen as if oblivious to the world carried on snoring heavily as she leant in slowly, her head ever so slightly rotating to the side and her tongue darting out to lick her dry non-existent lips.

 Her lips collided with Axen’s and then…



 Absolutely nothing.


 Her lips passed right through him and Axen carried on snoring. She didn’t give up though. Her lips started moving more urgently against Axen’s and she lifted her hands up into his hair desperately trying to cling onto his head like it was a lifeline.

 Then something changed.

 Something big.

 His lips moved.

 The jagged edge of the scar on the bottom of his lip quivered and his snores stopped.

 And he kissed her back.


 And then Hell suddenly broke loose.



WORD COUNT: 319 (roughly)

Total word count: 3,000! (I made it! Whoop, whoop)

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