Forever After (Twilight )

Join the New Cullen Addition Taylor She is Dark haird and has a beatuful figer but when the Voltori come will she fall for Alec??? Find OUt.. shes also Alice and Jasspers Daughter and her brother Duce ant happy about it he talent is well she can copy tlents cool right any way she is 15 and her brother is 16 dateing a vampier named Jane from the Voltori Lol i know right so two love storys in one anyway off topic this is Tays way and she is about to show iit..aLSO nESSI ADN jACOB HAVE FOUR KIDES THE SAME AGE 13 prime,Linda,Jeremy,jakson.Rose and Emmet have 2 kides twins Hanna and Tommy Both 15 and Zvan is the 14 year old of Nessis pernets there son. There may be more than two love storys in here Felix Aro Jane Alec and Demittri and also Felixs sister Juna will fall in live here are the mat list follow this...(Felix,Hanna),(Alec,Taylor),(Aro,Prime),(Linda,Demittri),(Cuios love comes in a little later but her name is going to be Hendra),(Zvan and Kassi she wont come it till later)...Thans


3. Undelt with (Alec Voltori)

I Watched her she is amazing its been about a month and her brother still hates me even though he has my sister "Al" she called me and i saw her she was in a tree "Yes Tay" i said i started climbing when she jumped "Oh GOD"i yelled and cached her "Becareful Tay your only Half Vampier" I reminded her she snorted and sighed "you know Al i wont age any more after this birthday why do you think Nessi still looks 16 why do you think my brother still looks 16 ill look 19 and stop ageing and you will always look 19 "she smiled and kissed me I kissed her back "Stop kissing my sister or shold i do it in Italyon STOP KISSING MY SISTER" duce yelled at us and i put her down it has been a month since we havent left yet "You do know i will have to go back " I said and she looked down sadly and nodded "You could come youand all the other girls and boys you wont have to join just live there it will be fine" I said and she perked up "I can" I smiled "Okay ill pack right away" she ran in to the house I followed her "Hanna COme on PAck" i looked up and saw Duce also Paking "ARO" I said he ran up being followed by Prime "yes Alec Prime is packing to go to well itly with us all mates are going for about 4 months then if you want to leave the Voltori you may but if they want to join they can aslo they will live with there mates in sepret houses we all will be nabourghs I smiled "Okay" i noded and left...

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