Forever After (Twilight )

Join the New Cullen Addition Taylor She is Dark haird and has a beatuful figer but when the Voltori come will she fall for Alec??? Find OUt.. shes also Alice and Jasspers Daughter and her brother Duce ant happy about it he talent is well she can copy tlents cool right any way she is 15 and her brother is 16 dateing a vampier named Jane from the Voltori Lol i know right so two love storys in one anyway off topic this is Tays way and she is about to show iit..aLSO nESSI ADN jACOB HAVE FOUR KIDES THE SAME AGE 13 prime,Linda,Jeremy,jakson.Rose and Emmet have 2 kides twins Hanna and Tommy Both 15 and Zvan is the 14 year old of Nessis pernets there son. There may be more than two love storys in here Felix Aro Jane Alec and Demittri and also Felixs sister Juna will fall in live here are the mat list follow this...(Felix,Hanna),(Alec,Taylor),(Aro,Prime),(Linda,Demittri),(Cuios love comes in a little later but her name is going to be Hendra),(Zvan and Kassi she wont come it till later)...Thans


4. Gowing back (Jane Voltori)

I was Finished packing when Duce came in and snaked his arms around my waist "What do you think  your doing" i asked smirking just a bit "Noting just wanted to see how you are doing and i still cant beleive there letting us go to ITALY FOR 4 MONTHS" he said abit loud i turnd to look in his eyeshis unlike his Praty sister are A light green hes are a sea green like our mums "Okay and youll love it you can come shopping with me" i smiled at how he reacted "Yep id love to" he gaged at the last word my hair was down unlike always but its very curly for being up in a bun all the time i ran a brush threw my hair and he kissess me "I love you" he wisperd to me and i turnd to face him and kiss him "I love you two" i said and helped my self to somemore kissess we pushed the clothes off the bed and he lays me down he undose my button down shirt and i take off his polo we throw them off the bed and he gode to take off my skirt i unbutton his pants and he takes them off he take off his undrewair and we get under the sheets and he undose my bra and tslips off my undrewaer he runs his hands threw my hair and im kissing him (after they have Sex couse im not getting in to any more details) I opend my eyes and i layed on his baer chest "That was fun" i breathed hard and he nodded "Hey Duce do you want kides" he looked stund at the words at these words "yes" he finaly breathed and i smiled and cuddled up to him then there was a knock "HEY JANE CAN ME AND YOU TALK" i heard a girl yelle threw the door "WHO IS IT" i yelled back "TAYLOR" she said and i told him to get dressed and i would to thank god for vamp speed i opend my door and there she stood my kind like sister in law and im wwith her brother and shes with mine "Hey Ty" i smiled and huged her i like her shes realy kool "do you want to go shopping with me" she smiled and i agrred "Lets go and get the boys" (after shopping trip) I giggled "Yea i mean true Boys keep up" alec sighed he was careing all of taylors things and duce mine "im glad you two love each other but why did you buy so muchz yea lets go to" i finaly caved on and we left for the house...

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