Forever After (Twilight )

Join the New Cullen Addition Taylor She is Dark haird and has a beatuful figer but when the Voltori come will she fall for Alec??? Find OUt.. shes also Alice and Jasspers Daughter and her brother Duce ant happy about it he talent is well she can copy tlents cool right any way she is 15 and her brother is 16 dateing a vampier named Jane from the Voltori Lol i know right so two love storys in one anyway off topic this is Tays way and she is about to show iit..aLSO nESSI ADN jACOB HAVE FOUR KIDES THE SAME AGE 13 prime,Linda,Jeremy,jakson.Rose and Emmet have 2 kides twins Hanna and Tommy Both 15 and Zvan is the 14 year old of Nessis pernets there son. There may be more than two love storys in here Felix Aro Jane Alec and Demittri and also Felixs sister Juna will fall in live here are the mat list follow this...(Felix,Hanna),(Alec,Taylor),(Aro,Prime),(Linda,Demittri),(Cuios love comes in a little later but her name is going to be Hendra),(Zvan and Kassi she wont come it till later)...Thans


2. Family Matters (Taylor Cullen)

I woke up hearing my mother yelling my name "Taylor Hope Hale Cullen Get down here this instent" she yelled from the house i got up slowly but at a good pace for a half vampier I made my way to my long dresser and a full side of my room is a mirror i got on a dress that is light blue and it gose to mid thigh so it shows some i brushed my hair wich is slightly curly i brushed threw it then i walked out on m balcony its as long as my room and its a pale white marble i haad roses and hunysuckles and vilotes growing around it all the way "TAYLOR HOPE HALE CULLEN GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!" she yelled i sighed and started walking down the 3 flights we had to build  on with the new children of course i walked in to the kitchen "there you are little sis" Duce said smiling then looked at my dress and frowned "Yes im old anof to pick my own out fit" i snaped at him he grinned just a bit "okay sis" he huuged me and i hissed at him then Hanna and a Tommy got down mom made us Pankaces "Hey Hanna do you want to go shoping" I asked smiling then Grandpa came in "No ones going any were the Voltori are comeing " everyone stoped and even I did even though i hate them ass houls i sighed "Okay" i went up to my bed room and clenad up a bit "god why are they comeing last time they tried killing nessi now what" i wisperd angrly to my self .(THat Week ) Aro walked up and knocked i awserd and then I dint want to "Hello Taylor Hope" he smiled sugery sweet to sweet it made me sick"Hello Rats" I smiled and put acidy suger on top then a girl caame out "HOw dare you talk to aro that way" she said harshly she stared at me in anger "What kinda gift you useing on me i can copy it and use it better" she hissed and i smiled "Ciuse Hello" i said in a bitter tone "you dare speek to me you filthy half breed" then i heard it my growl rip threw my lips in pure hatered for these people "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A HALF BREED YOU NO GOOD RATASS" i yelled at him then my brother came out and saw what was going on "Calm Ty calm" he wisperd to me "hello im and Duce older brother to tyalor" he said and Aro smiled "You all are gifted i see what can you do my dear boy" he siimled and went invisable then turnd up holding on to janes neck so she couldnt look at him "This i can go invsable my daer sister can copy powers just with a tuch of anything anyparet of the body" he smield at how Jane stood frozzen in horrer at my gift "so dont tuch her" he wisperd loud  Aro smiled "Oh lets go in shall we" he said i hissed and all the adoults came out "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN" Rose screamend and me and Duce went inside as a fight broke out "We should be helping" then Zvan came down "Zva come here " Zvan is only 14 and his gift is like his fathers Edward can read mindes but also like his moms he can be a shield Nessi cam out shes about 17 and has 4 children of her own with acob her husben they ran out side telling there 13 year old quids to stay inside "Prime,Linda ,Jeremy,Jakso get over here behind me all of you i have the most of the gifts i will fight if they come in" i said and they all went behind me then a blound haird girl came in "Hello Im JAne and its a pleser to kill you" she hissed then a dark haird boy came beside her "and im Alec also a pleser to kill you" he smiled I steped in frouunt and so did hanna "Ill take big boy you take the girl" i wisperd and she agreed and we went after them "Duce take the kides upstaers Zva stay with them you to tommy uce help us right now" he smiled and went to his useawl "Im going to kill you,you Petty foul" Alec hissed and i did to i ran straight for him and shiled my self then went for him i pined him to the hall way floor "Im going to injoy waching you burn you Rat" i hissed at him he still tryed getting free but i had my hands on him and hes pined him he looked at my eyes "You have Green eyes" he said in a wisper "yae so " i said looking at him"my mother had the same colour" he said agen and i had it he was trying to butter me up "OKay and im going to let you go for that NO WAY" I hissed and i punched  him in the faceelf he looked at me I got up and then the   Duce came in 'Kill Her Brother" she spit as my brother held her aenst the wall and HAnna trying to keep her there as i kill her brother well try to "no"he said and got me off him and got me pined to the floor he just sat on top of me "Kill me then or get off" i spit vinomsly "no" he said nicly and then kissed me he let go of my arms and i put them around his neck and pulled him closer and he put his around my waistwe kissed till i heard my father scream and then Alec was off of me and on the wall "you dare tuch my daughter you scume" he said and threw him agenst it harder "NO DADDY STOP" I screamed "I MATED WITH HIM" I said this and everything stoped then Felix ran in and grabed Hanna by the neck and pined her to the wall "What you going to do now '' he said and she smiled at him"Hello IM Hanna who are you" she smiled and she blushed when he looked at her eyes "there Ice Blue" he said "she smiled at him"IM Felix and I think" he strted to say but then she kissed him and he kissed her back Emmet grabed him and hung him upside down "dont you dare tuch her ever agen do you hear me "then Juna Felixs sister came in and sezed  Emmet "Never tuch my brother" she said quitly the Tommy ggrabed her and lookd her in the eyes and kissed her she let emmet drop and they kissed then zvan came down with the kides aro saw Prime he walked up to her and Jaob dissagred "DONT TUCH MY BABY I DONT" Edward cut them all off "they mated with them aro with Prime ,Alec with Taylor,Hanna and Felix, And Duce with JAne" He said strictly the paers walked to each other and smiled...

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