Falling for Liam(Liam Payne love story)

"I love you" Liam said and kissed me. How did I get a Handsome, Talented and smart guy like him. I guess luck just fell on me.
A story about love but what happens to love when there's a member from the biggest band in the world and just a normal girl involved ?!?
Read to find out!!!


2. You sound like Liam Payne

Kim's P.O.V

"Who's is it"I asked getting less inpatient by the second.
"For the last time I don't know, five lads started running out of the 02,one ran into me, knocking me to the floor and then when I got up there was a phone on the ground I think it might be the guy's that fell on me"Julie said.She sounded annoyed.Julie was searching for something in her hand bag.We were standing in the hall of the apartment building she lived in.We just came home a few minutes ago but Mrs.Carter (Julie's mam) told us to go to the corner store that was across to get milk for the morning.
"What you looking for"I asked.
"My keys for the house"Julie whispered so she wouldn't wake the neighbours.
"Just ri..."I began but got interrupted by Julie.
"Got them"she said.
We got into the apartment and tip toed to Julie's room trying not to wake Mrs.Carter up.I was so tired that when I got to Julie's room I didn't even do the sleepover stuff that we would always do I just fell asleep in seconds.
                                                                      *         *        *        * 
I woke up to the noice of Julie's neighbours fighting.I sat up in the bed.Julie was awake already she's a early riser.
"Mourning"I said.
"Oh your awake.Come on let's go get breakfast I'm starving!"Julie said and hoped of the bed and made her way to the kitchen.
                                                                       *         *         *        *

"Baby say yeah yeah  yeah at let me kiss you"Kim and I sang the last line of kiss you.We love to sing in are spare time.I'm not trying to brag or any thing but I think we're actually good ,enough.Whats really great about having Kim as my best friend is that she lives on the twelfth floor only two floors above so we get to have sleepovers almost all the time.Shes always at my house I mean every day and at night if she's not at my house for a sleepover she would come knocking at my window.I don't now how she gets to my window?any way she would come in the window and tell me she's scared.Scared of what,I don't know all I know is that she has a tuff,scary and sad life, her dads in jail for beating up her mother,her two brothers and of course her self so she's been living in fear for her whole life.She spends most of her time at my house because she hates seeing her mam miserable all the time.But what I don't get is she is how is she so full of live and fun when she has such a terrible life?
"Julie are you ok you luck a little,I don't ehhh worried?"Kim asked a bit concerned.
"I'm grand"I answered.
"Is that your phone"Kim asked.
"No I thought it was yours"I said.
"I think it might be the strangers one you found"Kim said as she walked over to the dresser and picked the phone up.
"Some guy called Harry is calling"Kim said.
"Answer it and put it on speaker"I said.We lied down on are fronts and set the phone in the middle of us.
"Hi I'm Liam"a voice said.
"And don't forget me Liam,jeez,my name is Harry"a other voice said.
"Any way I see you guys found my phone"Liam said.
"Oh,Liam your the guy that fell into me"I said.
"Oh my god Liam you can't just fall on people that is just rude.i thought your mam thought you better then that"Harry said.
"Oh I'm so sorry about that.oh and just ignore Harry"Liam said.
"You sound awfully like Liam Payne from One Direction"I said.
"That's because I am"
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