Falling for Liam(Liam Payne love story)

"I love you" Liam said and kissed me. How did I get a Handsome, Talented and smart guy like him. I guess luck just fell on me.
A story about love but what happens to love when there's a member from the biggest band in the world and just a normal girl involved ?!?
Read to find out!!!


18. Shopping

I'm so sorry my phone broke so I wasn't able to update but I'll try to update loads now. Thanks for reading. Please like and comment. Sorry this chapters short.

"I'm so sorry girls but....you'll have to share a tour bus with the boys."
Julie's P.O.V

Omg did this just happen.
I'm going to go on tour with my favourite band also known as the biggest  boy band in the world.
The best part is that Sara won't have to go home and I'm going on tour with my best friends.

Kim's P.O.V

Ahhh!! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I wish Sara had told us she was such a good singer.

Sara's P.O.V
I can't believe it. What the hell just happened. The girls and I thanked simon and got in a cab to go shopping.
"Sara I'm so happy that your coming with us." Julie squealed.
"This is going to be so much fun."Kim squealed.
"I'm so happy you guys don't mind me being here. I thought you guys would be angry or something." I looked up from the floor and looked at the girls. From there expressions I could tell they were a bit annoyed.
"Of course we're angry. We're angry because you didn't tell us you were an amazing singer." Kim said.
"Yeah if we new you were that good we'd be on are knees began you to audition with us." Julie added. Wow they really taught that. That's so sweet.
"Yeah you guys are amazing singers as well." I said. I have a feeling we're going to be really good friends.
We paid the cab driver and walked into the mall.
" Can we go to new look first please." Kim asked.
"Sure." Julie and I said. We went to a few other shops and then we decided to go get lunch.
"So did you tell your boyfriend the good news." Julie asked. I took a bite of my sandwich and waited until I was finished chewing my piece of food to reply.
"No actually I better now." I grappled my phone from my back and pressed the on button. *no battery*. I hate this how am I suppose to tell Niall that I don't have to leave.
"My phones out of battery. I'll just tell him when we get back." I smiled. I can't wait to see him and tell him that I won't have to leave.
"You won't have he's right over there I just spotted him." Julie squealed pointing over to the other side of the food court. He was just sitting there all alone wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. I wonder what he's doing here. I can't wait to tell him!!
"I'll be back in a sec." I turned away from the girls and started to run to Niall.
"Niall." I shouted across over to him. He properly didn't hear me. I stopped dead in my tracks. A tear rolled down my face. Who is she and why is she kissing my boyfriend. It's funny how the best day of your life can just turn into the worst in just one second.



happy New Years 

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