Falling for Liam(Liam Payne love story)

"I love you" Liam said and kissed me. How did I get a Handsome, Talented and smart guy like him. I guess luck just fell on me.
A story about love but what happens to love when there's a member from the biggest band in the world and just a normal girl involved ?!?
Read to find out!!!


20. please read

Ok guys no one really reads this so that's why I've stopped updating WAIT before you delete this or whatever pleas read this quick note.

I've been in this fandom for four years and I've been in the 5sos fandom for two so I love my boys.

I started writing a 5sos fanfic and I'm going to make a new account to put it up on. I have not made this new account yet but will do later today or tomorrow. I will put a link in my bio and will but up a note to say the fanfics up and my new username. The reason for this new account is that I don't want a mixed up account I want a 5sos one and a 1D one. My new fanfic Is a Ashton Irwin fanfic it's called why me. Here is the blurb if you would like to read it. Ps I've prewritten some chapters so I will be better at updating. Here's the blurb....

"Why me?" I looked into his hazel eyes. He wiped away a tear that was on my cheek.

"Because your beautiful, funny, nice and smart. If you didn't have something wrong you'd be perfect. And nobody's perfect."

Hi my name is Skye. I'm seventeen and I've just got my first job. I've been hired to be one of 5 seconds of summers bodyguards...

This fanfic is about 5sos life's on the road with Skye. Will Skye fall for one of the guys? Can Skye keep her love life away from her job? Will the boys take her seriously as a bodyguard and will she be able to keep her secret of her past a secret?

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