Falling for Liam(Liam Payne love story)

"I love you" Liam said and kissed me. How did I get a Handsome, Talented and smart guy like him. I guess luck just fell on me.
A story about love but what happens to love when there's a member from the biggest band in the world and just a normal girl involved ?!?
Read to find out!!!


16. Hi Simon


I love the mournings. The quietness. The peace. The fresh mourning air. The sun raising its liking watching a new day begin. 
I sat out at the table on my balcony that overlooks the city. I took a sip of my warm coffee. The warm liquid flowed true my body making me feel warm. I put my feet up on table and put my headphones on. The first song that turned on was 'best song ever - one direction' I giggled to my self. 


"What's so funny." I asked Julie from my balcony. She had her headphones on and I don't think she heard me. 
"What's so funny." I said louder but not to loud to wake the boys. No answer.
"And we danced all night to the best song ever." She hummed. It was my turn to laugh. I have a idea to get her attention. I walked to the edge of my balcony I hopped on the wall and jump onto Julie's balcony. I sneaked up behind Julie and ......
"Boo." I shouted making Julie scream and fall out of her chair. I knelt down beside her. I didn't mean for that to happen. Ugh Im such a idiot. " oh my god, I'm so sorry didn't mean to scare you that much. Are you ok?" She stud up and put her headphones on the table. She smiled.
"Good morning to you too." She joked. She suck some dust of her pyjamas. 
"I didn't mean to scare you, well not that much anyway." I added once again.
"Hey it's good to start your day with your blood pumping." She suggested. "So what brings you here besides the fact to scare me." She winked. 
"Well I just thought I'd come say hi." I said. She walked over to the door that entered her room. She opened the door and waved me to come in. 
She sat down on her bed and patted the spot beside her. "Sit." She said. So I did.
"So what you doing today?" She asked to start a conversation. I thought for a moment. 
"Nothing. What about you."


"Well me and Kim are going to sing for Simon remember." I said.
"Oh yeah when you leaving?" Liam asked. 
"Well." I looked at my watch "shit ......KNOW." I ran up to my wardrobe to find some clothes to wear but then I remembered that I had to wake my not a mourning person best friend Kim. I ran out of my room leaving Liam standing there awkwardly. I burst into Kim's room. 
"GET UP ITS BLOODY HAVE NINE." I screamed to wake her up, but no look. Whats with her i say if there was a war going on she'd sleep throw it. I heard footsteps behind me.
"What's the mature." Sara asked rubbing sleep out of her eyes. I turned around and walked into the kitchen as I said my reply.
"Well we should be up and ready and leaving rite now and Kim won't even get out of bed." I poured a glass of water and ran back into Kim's room with it. 
"Sorry Kim but you wouldn't get up so......" I splashed the water at Kim and she jerked up. 
" what the hell !!??!?" She asked true grinding teeth.
"Sorry kimmy but you wouldn't get up." I said softly with a sweet smile on my face. " AND IT'S DUCKIN HALF NINE." I shouted the last bit I turned to Sara. " if you still want to come then go get changed. And we'll meet in the living room in five minutes." We all ran in different directions to are rooms. I turned the corner into my room. 
" ahhhhh. Oh it's you. I forgot you were here." I have screamed. I totally forgot Liam was here. He chuckled.
" eh... Julie all leave ya to get ready." Liam said. 
" ok see ya when were back." I answered. Liam walked out of my room. What to where.  I searched my wardrobe but I didn't have much since I didn't want to bring my wardrobe from home with me. I choose denim shorts and a pink top that said 'smile'. I picked my phone up of my bed and ran into the living room. 

                                                            0              0               0 

(Niall's bit really lightly.) 

the story of my life
I take her home 
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time .....
Is frozen

( big and load) 
Both girls= 
The story of my life 
I give here hope 
I spend her love 
Until she's broke inside
The story of my life .....
The story of my life................
The story of my life.

I looked up at Simons face to see his reaction. No emotion at all on his face. No movement. Nothing.

" there's something missing." He eventually spoke up. He looked around the room as if looking for something but stopped when he saw Sara. " or someone's missing. Do you sing." 
"Who me." Sara said shocked.
"Well your the only other person in the room." He answered. 
"Well I ....I don't know." She replied. 
"Well go up there and sing the last verse with the girls." Sara stud up and walked over to us. She looked like a ghost her skin was so pale cause she was so shocked.

All the girls.

The story of my life 
I give here hope 
I spend her love 
Until she's broke inside
The story of my life .....
The story of my life................
The story of my life.

We looked up at simon.No emotion at all on his face. No movement. Nothing.
"Girls I'm so sorry... There's nothing I can do you'll have to shares can with the boys." 

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