Falling for Liam(Liam Payne love story)

"I love you" Liam said and kissed me. How did I get a Handsome, Talented and smart guy like him. I guess luck just fell on me.
A story about love but what happens to love when there's a member from the biggest band in the world and just a normal girl involved ?!?
Read to find out!!!


8. Flight

Julie's P.O.V
I'm so excited,I can't keep still.I'm about to bored a plane to meet....ONE DIRECTION.
"Ticket please"a lady  asked me.I got my ticket and gave it to her.She took it and let me on to the plane.
"Have a nice holiday"she said.
"Thanks bye"I said as I got onto the plane.Kim was  waiting for me.We walked up to first class and sat in are seats.I was sitting beside Kim and some girl around the same age as me.She had her head phones on and I could hear kiss you by one direction playing.Kim was looking out the window as the plane took  off.In a hour and a half I will be in London airport on my way to meet one direction.I felt like jumping out off my seat and start on doing 'I'm so happy'dance.
"Excuse me do you know how long this flight is." The girl beside me asked.
"Yeah it's around hour and a half" I answered.Kim was fast asleep snoring.She was snoring so load that the girl beside me asked if I had ear plugs.
"No sorry, but. I can stop the noise"I nudge Kim in the ribs with my elbow.That should do.Kim jumped up and turned to me.
"What the fu"Kim began but stopped when she saw everyone on the plane looking at her.
"Why did you do that"she hissed in my ear.I turned around and looked at the girl beside me.She gave Me a 'I'm sorry but it wasn't really my fault wink wink'look.Then she looked like she was about to burst out laughing.
"Well let's just say we had a few complaints"I said.Kim looked confused.I found out that the girl beside me is called Sara she is really nice.She said she was going to London to visit a member from her family.Kim,Sara and I talked the hole journey.
"We will be landing in two minutes"The pilot said.I saw Kim clinging onto her chair.Its Kim's first time in a plane so she expects everything to be worse then it actually is. The plane landed safely and everyone started getting of.When I got of I said bye to Sara.Sara said bye and ran to catch a bus.Me and Kim were about to go into the airport to wait for are ride  when a taxi with 'Welcome Julie and Kim' on it stopped right beside us.
"Are you Julie and Kim "The taxi driver asked us.
"Yeah"I said.Kim and I stood there for a moment.
"We'll come on in then"The taxi driver said in a annoyed tone.Kim and I got into the car.we were ten minutes in the taxi when he stopped in front of a massive modern hotel.Kim and  I thanked the taxi driver and started to walk into the hotel when we were stopped by five lads running in front of us into the hotel.They were so load.
"Well aren't they nice"I said sarcastically.Kim looked at me and started laughing 
"Their one Direction.you will be spending a lot of time with them so you better get use to it"Kim said.
"Well only if Simon likes us"I said.There was a awkward silence so I walked into the hotel.We walked up to the register desk and ask for are room key.The girl behind the desk gave us are key and told us we were in room two on the top floor.When we got to the top floor I noticed there was only two rooms on this floor,they must be big.I opened the door to are room and I was right it was massif.There was a balcony ,four bedrooms with on suits in all of them and a living room,kitchen and dinning room in one in  the centre of the penthouse.
"Omg Julie this is a dream come trow"Kim squealed.Kim got the biggest room I got the second biggest room.I had my own balcony that had a amazing view.I unpacked all my clothes then went to check if Kim needed help.
"Kim do you need any help unpacking"I asked her.Kim's room had a balcony as well.
"No I'm just done.this house is just AmaZayn"Kim said.
"I know.EPPP!!!"I squealed. Me and Kim went into the living room and started watching the TV when we heard someone out side the door.The door handle started turning and the door began to open.Who  had a key to are room? Who could it be? 
Sorry for the crap chapter again.
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