No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


9. NSNA: Chapter 8

*Justin's POV*

I liked Chelsea. She was independent and I loved that about her. I knew Harry and Niall were going I come onto her though so I had to make my move fast. That's why I asked Alli to set me up on a date with her. Today was the day. I had on what I usually wear: jeans, a tee, a cardigan, black circular earrings, and sneakers. I had brushed my hair forward instead of putting it up in its usual quiff. 

After making my way to the her house, I knocked lightly on the door.

"Oh. Hey Justin!" Alli smiled sweetly.  "Chels will be down in a second." 

I stepped in and Alli closed the door behind us. 

"Hey Justin!" I saw Chelsea bounding down the stairs.

She looked so sweet. She had on a pair of high waisted shorts, a crop top that said DONT FEED THE RATCHETS that barley grazed the top of her shorts and a pair of rainbow Havianna's flip flops.

"Ready to go?" I held out my hand and she intertwined our fingers. 

"Yup!" She giggled and tugged me out the door. 

Once we were outside, I attacked her with kisses all over her face like yesterday and she giggled uncontrollably like she did the last time.

"God. I love you so much." I mumbled. My arms around her waist and my face buried in her hair.

"What?" She asked me. 

"Huh? Oh. Nothing." I blushed a bright scarlet red.

"Aww! Did I just hear Justin say he loves me?" She snuggled into me.

"Maybe." I admitted.

"Aw. Maybe I do too." She said.

And with that, we started walking.

"Sooo....where are we going?" She asked, swinging our hands.

"We are going to go make our own flavored ice cream." I announced happily.

Damn. The things this girl does to me.

"Oh my god! I've never done that before! This going to be so cool!" She squealed and jumped up and down in a little circle.

"Well c'mon! The ice cream is going to melt!" I laughed and threw her over my shoulder.

"Ah! Justin put me down!" She screeched.

"Never!" I said, running along. I the ice cream shoppe was just within our view now after five minutes of walking.

"Seriously Justin! My tummy is getting upset!" She whined.

I set her down and kissed her tummy.

"All better?" I asked.

"Yes." She blushed.

"Aww! Are you two expecting?" A cute old couple asked as they had just seen me kissing her tummy.

"Yes." I said sarcastically and threw my arm around Chelsea's waist.

"That's great! Good luck parenting the little one." The man said.

"Thank you!" I smiled and pulled Chelsea into the shoppe.

"Why did you tell them we were expecting?!" She scolded me when we were inside.

"Because maybe I want my own little monster growing inside that little tummy of yours." I poked her stomach.

"Oh." She said, looking down.

"Let's go babe. We can make our ice cream now!" I smiled at her.

"Yay!" She smiled back fully.

We walked up to the counter and the teenage girl behind the counter fangirled when she saw me.

"Oh my god! You're Justin Bieber!"

"Oh. I am? I thought I was Niall Horan for a second." I joked with her.

"Ha! Funny. And who is the lucky young lady right here?" She smiled at Chelsea.

"I'm Chelsea. This is our first date." She blushed.

"Aw. Well you two look happy together. So what flavored do you guys want to create today?" She asked.

"Cherry and peanut butter." Chels announced, grinning. 

  "Mango aaaaaaaand pineapple." I said shrugging.

"Plain Jane." I heard Chelsea fake cough jokingly.   

I swiftly bent down and kissed her cheek. She blushed.

As we were waiting for our ice cream, we played twenty questions and I learned a lot about her. She's so cute. I'm totally going to make her mine.

"Here are your ice-creams!" Karly (yes I read her name tag don't judge me) said smiling.

"Thanks!" I paid and we took a seat by the window in the front of the shoppe.


Again sorry for the really crap chapter guys! I've just been a little busy with summer homework and an admissions essay for City University London in the UK.
Xx, Rachel

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