No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


7. NSNA: Chapter 6

Hello ladies and gents! Since none of you decided to enter my little contest, I decided to grab some help from my now good friend Celeste who co-authored this chapter with me and helped me get over my writers block so thank her. Because if it weren't for her helping me I probably would have deleted this fan fiction so please thank her. Love ya girl! Xx, Rachel 


*Chelsea's POV*


I woke up at 10:30 the next morning. After having that talk with alli last night, I have decided that today is the day that I will tell Cody how I really feel! I really have feelings for him even though we have only known each other a couple of days.

 I then walked down to breakfast and sat down beside alli at the table. Alli then told me that today Cody would be having a benefit concert at their local mall. I guess I will have to tell him how I feel after his concert. 

I ran up to my room after breakfast to get ready! I first decided on what to wear to the concert I ended up picking out a pair of white lace shorts and a pink and white ruffle top and a pair of sparkle vans.

Next I had to figure out how I would fix my hair and makeup. I decided that I would curl my hair in long spiral curls, I then decided on my makeup which I decided would be a natural look with a light pink lip gloss. 

By the time I had finished alli barged into my room to tell me that we were now leaving for the concert.

When we arrived at the mall there was a large crowd of people outside waiting to see Cody. As soon as we got close we met up with some of Cody's friends and the security guards. The security guard escorted us to a VIP section for Cody's friends and family. They then took Cody to a small stage that set right in front of the crowd. 

Next thing I knew I saw something that I couldn't believe, a crazed fan jumped onto the stage and kissed cody! I felt my heart break in two pieces. And above all I think Cody actually liked it. Alli looked at me and could tell that something was wrong. I quickly got up and ran to the mall bathroom with alli right behind me.

After I made it to the bathroom with Alli, she talked to me, telling me how the same exact thing happened to her not so long ago and how she got over it.

"I—I'm n-not e-e-even s-sure I-I can t-tell him I l-love him now!" I stuttered then sobbed.

Alli rubbed my back in small soothing circles. It calmed me down but not much.


"Don't even begin to tell me he didn't like it or that the kiss didn't mean anything to him because if it didn't mean anything to him then why didn't he pull back?!" I challenged her.

"I don't know babe..." Alli mumbled.

"He never loved me." I screeched.

"Hey! Don't you even dare think about it! Because you and I both know pretty dang well that Cody loves you. I see the way you look at him and I see the way he looks at you. You guys were born for each other!" Alli explained.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Hey. I have an idea. Three of my friends are visiting in Australia for a couple of weeks. We could all get together, hang out, and maybe go to the beach! It'll be fun! We can do it tomorrow since tomorrow is a free day." Alli instantly started texting her three friends.

That sounded nice. A whole day away from home, away from the drama, and away from Cody. Just a day of fun with Alli and her girlfriends. My heart warmed at the thought.

"Sure. I'll go. I'll do it for you." I smiled at Alli and hugged her tight as well as thanking her for everything.

I was so excited for the relaxing day ahead of me tomorrow.

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