No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


5. NSNA: Chapter 5

MY KIK: AcapellaHarmony

Okay this song was inspired by the song Blurred Lines. It's so wrong but it's so catchy.


*Chelsea's POV*

That night I tossed and turned. I couldn't find a comfortable position and it was getting extremely hot in my room. I decided to go talk to Alli considering we're the same age. Plus Cody told me she gives really good advice.

I knocked lightly on her pink door.

"Alli? It's me. Chels." I whispered.

"Come in." I heard her tired, groggy voice said.

I opened the door slowly, closing it behind me and taking a seat on her fluffy white sheepskin rug. I ran my fingers through the softness. It calmed my nerves a little bit.

"So what's up?" Alli looked up from her lap top and focused her attention on me.

"Well...have you ever fallen hard for somebody in a short amount of time? ike say in less than four hours?" I picked at a loose string on her rug.

"Honestly? Yes. I have. But it didn't turn out so great. I had round up all the confidence I could and told him the day after I met him. He freaked out and said he never wanted to see me again. I knew he didn't mean any harm, he was just scared. I haven't seen him since." She admitted.

I nodded my head slowly like I understood. And I did. It wasn't worth going for Cody after hearing her story.

"Why do you ask?" She knit her brows.

"Well, um." I started.

"You like Cody don't you?"

"Oh my god so much! When he was holding me in the ocean earlier, I didn't want him to let me go...and that kiss?"

"WHAT?!" Alli shouted. I instantly covered her mouth with my hand and she licked it.

"Ew! Gross Alli!" I laughed.

"Sorry. But when did you guys kiss?" She rolled over onto her stomach.

"Today." I mumbled.

"How did it go?"

"Well I sort of just ran over to him and hugged him. He put his arms around my waist and know." I started tearing up until I was full on crying. "I want him but I don't"

"What do you mean?" Alli asked.

"I want him so badly. But at the same time, I don't because I'm afraid he's going to forget all about me after I leave." I sniffled.

"Look. It's okay to flirt with him a little. And you will feel some heartbreak before you leave. But that's quite alright. Just make sure you don't lead him on. Tell him how you're feeling and I'm sure he'll understand."

"Okay. Thanks Alli." I gave her a huge hug before returning to my bed for the night.

After that conversation with her I felt much more confident about all of this. I was going to tell Cody exactly how I felt and hopefuly, everything would go according to plan.


*Cody's POV*

I love her soo much.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAND THAT'S A MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! Who do you think Cody is talking about? Find out in the next chapter!

Sorry for this short chapter.....I'm having a current bout of writers block. Sowwy! PLEASE KIK ME YOUR OPINIONS! :D (I'm AcapellaHarmony) :D

See ya!

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