No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


3. NSNA: Chapter 3

*Chelsea's POV*


After we left the gas station, I decided to take a nap but considering Alli was on my left and Cody was on my right, it would be super awkward if I fell asleep on on of their shoulders. I just sighed and leaned my head back, trying to get some rest. I did get some rest but when I woke up, we had apparently arrived back 'home' and Cody and I were the only ones in the car. I noticed my head had transferred to his shoulder as well as my left hand over his heart. Okay that was awkward. I quickly sat up and got out of the car. As I was getting my bags from the boot, I felt Cody's hot breath on my neck. I swear if he was about to profess his love to me I was going to flip majorly. I was not here for this.

  "So um..." He started, then stopped as he scratched the back of his neck.   "It was nothing." I reassured him, momentarily forgetting my French.    "Oh, um okay." He stuttered then followed me inside.   I dropped my bags at the door and Cody quickly picked them back up.    "So where am I staying?" I asked.   "This way..." Cody led the way down to a room right next to his.   Alli's was on the other side of the hall. Cody and I shared a bathroom that connected our rooms.    "This is your room." Cody pushed open the door with his elbow and set my bags down. My room was huge.    Well so were everybody else's.    I had a small walk-in closet, a vanity mirror, a desk for my laptop, a huge memory foam bed with crisp white sheets and duvets, and a balcony that had a beautiful view of the ocean below.   "It's beautiful." I said. I turned around and smiled at Cody. Finally I couldn't hold it in any longer.   Without warning, I ran over and engulfed Cody in a hug. His hands found their way around my waist and he pressed his soft lifs up against mine.    "Cody I-" I started but he finished for me.   "-It was nothing." He stated simply then left my room so I could unpack.   I wanted him. I needed him. But he didn't want me and it was pretty obvious. He had me wrapped around his finger and there was nothing I could do about. In less than four hours I had fallen completely in love with him. And he did nothing for me to become like that.     Hey guys! Sorry for the super short chapter! I hope you like it! Xx, Rachel    

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