No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


2. NSNA: Chapter 2

*Chelsea's POV*


I spent the entire time in that car listening to some breathy Nora Jones songs that Angie had put on and Tom whining about being hot. But we were in the same boat. My shirt was soaked and I could practically picture a heart shaped sweat-stain forming between my shoulder blades. Gross. I turned to my right and found Alli scrolling through some fashion website on her phone. I looked to my left and found Cody jamming out to a Coldplay song. At least they seemed normal. I sighed upwards and that sent my bangs flying upwards and landing helplessly back onto my sticky forehead. I crossed my arms, then uncrossed them. I tried leaning back but Cody had put his arms behind his neck so his elbow was in the way.

"Nous nous arrêtons sitôt ? Je pense que je dois changer dans des vêtements plus légers." I complained.

"What honey?" Angie lowered the volume.

"Um. Are we stopping anytime soon? I think I need to change into some lighter clothing." I chuckled, trying to joke around.

"Oh yeah! Brad honey stop at that gas station so Chelsea can change." Angie directed him off the road.

After parking, everybody got out to stretch and get some snacks. I on the other hand changed into some denim shorts (which showed off my feather tattoo on my right ankle), a light pink tee, and a flower headband. When I was done, I re-packed my bag and exited the bathroom. I bumped into Cody on the way to the car.

"Wow. You look amazing Chels." Cody smiled.

I blushed.

"Merci" I mumbled then put my suitcase away.

What are you doing Chelsea?! You just let him compliment you and call you CHELS!, I thought. I waved it away and tried to relax a little bit. I honestly hoped Cody wouldn't be that much of a distraction while I was here for the summer. But I think that's going to be a problem. I looked out the window and saw Cody stretching and seeing his biceps flex. I shook my head. Get a grip Chelsea!

As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, a chorus of crunching crisps, slurping sodas and the crinkling of candy bags was all you could hear. The sound alone made me nauseas but it was the greasy potato scent hanging in the air that made me want to puke. If you also didn't know, I don't eat that much junk food. I try to stay as healthy as I can.

"Want some?" Cody offered me his bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos.

"Euh, non merci." I pursed my lips.

Cody chuckled.

"What? You don't like junk food?" He joked.

I shook my head slowly and regretfully. Cody's eyes became wide.

"J'essaie de rester en aussi bonne santé que possible." I smiled a little.


So sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've just been so busy, anyways I hope you really enjoy this chapter!

Xx, Rachel

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