Forgotten Past

I woke up, and remembered nothing. Remembered nothing, and yet was charged with the task of saving an entire race...

Yes, it's kinda like the forgotten and Only Hope mixed in together :) I liked both the stories, so for one of my possible stories for next year's Young Movellist, I decided to write this. Enjoy.


2. Chapter 2

Elves, or so it seemed, didn't need much sleep. After following the trail for three days without sleep, I began to feel slightly tired. It was on my fourth day, and the tracks were looking much more fresh, that I decided I'd sleep that night. I was still in the same forest, and I was gaining ground upon the humans. I could spare a single night for rest.

As dusk started to creep upon the daylight, I found a large, leafy tree which I could sleep under, with a slight rotting hollow in the trunk. The rotting trunk would only provide shelter for half my body, but, with the leaves above me, I decided that it was a good enough shelter. After hunting a few rabbits, I sparked a tiny fire by my tree to cook the meat on. Skinning the rabbit, I couldn't help but notice the silence. And so I spoke, for the first time since waking up.

"Thank you for your sacrafice, animals of the forest," I spoke softly, surprised by my own voice. It sounded mysterious, almost, but clear and confident at the same time. And kind, that too. Kind, because I was thanking animals for their lives that I had taken to keep my own. And indeed, I had meant what I had said. I was grateful to the rabbits, sympathetic, too. Roasting the meat over the fire, I sat, nestled against the tree, a lonesome feeling clouding my mind. I was perfectly alone. Isolated, with no idea who I was an what I was doing. Just trying to stay alive, forsaken and forlorn. And, to my own mild surprise and sympathy, I felt deeply, strangely lonely. And, as much as I pondered over it with a numb sense of the slightest shock, I wanted a friend. Had I been alone before, I wondered, almost sadly, alone and left without friends? Or had I been with companions before loosing my entire memory?

The fire flickered in front of me, the flames dancing and leaping. They seemed happy, because there were multiple flames, mocking me for my solitude, reminding me of my desolation.

I took the meat from the fire, and sat back to eat it.

The flames did not stop teasing me. I was alone, and, if I couldn't find my past, then nothing was going to change that. With a sinking feeling in my heart, I turned around, pulled my cloak over me, and closed my eyes for sleep.


In the morning, I stamped out the dying embers, and covered the fire-pit with leaves, wet with dew-drops. My own cloak was slightly damp from the dew, but I didn't mind. The sun would soon dry it out, and I was no longer tired and in need of sleep. As long as I could catch up with the humans, I would be content. I needed my past back, and, if those humans were the only ones who could give it to me, then I was going to need to swiften my pace.

After a few hours of light running, the forest seemed to melt away to marshland. A clear path snaked through it, giving any trespassers a safe passage. The tracks clearly followed the path through the marsh, taking the safer, but much longer route. If I just went straight ahead, to the next patch of safe land, the journey would take me a day or two. The pathway would take at least five days, and that was with no stops. It wound and snaked, as if trying to create a path as long as it could. I didn't have the time to follow the safe path. To catch up with the humans, I would have to cut across the marsh.


After a few minutes of travelling along the unsafe route, I decided that it wasn't so bad after all. That, of course, was just before I took another step, and my foot started to sink. I staggered backwards, pulling my foot free. So, the marsh really was that dangerous. Examining the ground closer, I began to decide upon the quickest route that wouldn't get me killed. Looking out in front of me, I saw a few places that weren't completely boggy, and decided on the best way to get to them. I could try and jump- something told me that elves were an agile race, who would most likely be able to jump as far as that. The problem was, if I misjudged it, I would sink and die. If it turned out to be a marshy area, I would also die. But I had to catch up to the humans. I needed my past back, so that I wouldn't feel so lost all the time. Because there's nothing worse than being alone in a world where everything can kill you, with no memories of anything at all. Taking a deep breath, I jumped - and sunk right through the bog.

Desperately, I tried to grab at anything that could save me, my bloodied fingers scrabling at the land ahead. Grass! There was grass. As my head dissapeared under, my left hand managed to grab hold of the land that the grass was on. Water was all around me, swallowing me into a dark world of water. My left arm strained as I tried to pull myself up, up enough that my right hand could grab the land as well. My fingers digging into the mud, I pulled myself from the marsh, taking a huge breath as my head came up. Determination filled my veins as I dragged myself from the marsh, swinging my leg up to boost me onto the safe land. Collapsing on the muddy ground, I started- for some strange reason- laughing. It had, despite almost ending my miserable life, been fun, exhilerating. Did danger really please me this much? If it did, then I wondered- had I been looking for the humans who had left the trail? Had my love for danger got me into this?

Getting slowly to my feet, I looked again at the ground. It could be decieving, this marsh. But not again would I let it slow me down. From even a slight distance, the plant-covered marsh-water could look as if it were solid ground. I studied it closely, still deciding to stick to the path I had chosen a few seconds ago. Flicking marsh-water from my hands, I leapt across to the next patch of solid ground. When my feet didn't sink, I breathed a sigh of relief. Danger was fun, yes, but I needed to cross swiftly, and that didn't include sinking every time I jumped. Leaping again, my feet touched upon solid ground. Once I got to figure out what made safe ground and what didn't, I found it easy to cross the marsh, my eyes already seeking the next safe place to jump to as I landed.


After two hours of jumping, I came across a small path through the marsh-water. It seemed safe enough, and not taking me for a massive detour as the main safe pathway had done. As I sarted walking along the path, I glanced around for any dangers. It seemed safe enough, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Ahead, there seemed to be a small island in the marsh; I could see trees in the far distance, clumped together on what seemed to be land. Perhaps a good place to hunt for food, I thought. If there were trees, there might be animals. Besides, the path seemed to lead me towards the trees. After I hunted for food, I would refind a safe passage through the marsh.


Upon my arrival of the island, the first thing that struck me were the queer trees. They seemed old, twisted, as if aged with years of the thin fog, and almost... sad. It seemed to me like the trees were mourning.

But, I decided, the nature of the trees was of little importance. There were a few birds nest in the trees, meaning that life was on this miserable old island. In other words, I would be able to feast on meat tonight.

Heading inland towards the centre of the small island, I observed the tracks of rabbits, mice, voles, and nothing much else. And then, a single set of pawprints which made me think carefully. A lone wolf lived here. Alone. Without friends. Almost a little like me. At rustle behind me made me grab my bow from it's harness on my quiver, notched an arrow, and struck down a rabbit. Going over to collect my prey, I realised that I could not light a fire in this place. I should be able to cross the marsh by nightfall; I could roast my kill when I got back to the land. And there, I decided, I could thank the rabbit for it's sacrafice.

Continuing to walk across the land, I saw a clearing in the trees ahead of me. Something lay inside the creepy glade. As I emerged into the clearing, I realised what that 'something' was. A grave made of human skulls.

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