I don't have much time left. So, if you value your own fate, read this, so that you may survive for as long as you can. But eventually, unless the chosen one saves the rest of you, surviving for as long as you can is the best you can do. Because there is no escaping Shadowes...

~For the 24 hour competition, please enjoy. :)~


1. Shadowes

Perhaps putting this on Movellas wasn't the best idea I've ever had. Perhaps I should've just put it on Facebook, but I don't have many friends, either on Facebook or in the real world. So I dumped it on here, and hoped that enough people would read this to get the message to the chosen one- whoever they are. Either way, I can only hope and pray that the chosen one finds this, and finds it fast. If they don't, then the Shadowes will kill more. And, however much I sometimes hate the human race, I don't want them to be slaughtered by Shadowes. Just as I am about to be...

It started as any normal day might start. I woke up, and opened my curtains to the the typical English rain, and the comforting smell of the sea, drifting through the streets of Brighton until it reached my room in my mother's flat apartment. I inhaled deeply through the open window, absorbing the scent of the ocean, before heading into the kitchen for breakfast.
"Mum," I called out, as I opened the fridge, "There's no milk!"
She walked drearily into the room, and I'd forgotten that she'd still probably got her migraine from the night before.
"I'll go and buy some," I offered, and she nodded gratefully. Looking back on it now, I really, really wish I hadn't gone.

The voice first spoke to me when I was trudging down the street, a fiver in my pocket to buy the milk with.
The Shadowes have chosen their first victim, Laila. The first human to fall to us, the first in the whole world. You should feel honoured we chose you, it hissed, a voice so similar to my own that it alarmed me greatly. Glancing around, I spotted nobody. Had I imagined it?
You can't pretend we're not here, Laila. We're Shadowes, after all. We're the darkest part of a person, their hateful thoughts and desires, everything evil about them. Only the chosen one can banish us back to Hell, and he doesn't even know who he is yet! The voice- my voice, continiued. I just ignored it. The voice was most likely one of my later story ideas just buzzing about, waiting to be written. Shadowes... I'd have to write that one down when I got back. 

When I dumped the carton of milk onto the counter alongside my money, the shopkeeper just ignored me, like I wasn't even there.
"Um, sir..." I began. He didn't move. I waved my hand in front of his face, but still no reply! Weird... I reached forwards to tap him on the shoulder, and the voice that'd been bugging me the whole way here hissed in laughter. My hand passed right through his shoulder. 
"No," I whispered, as the voice spoke once again, turning my entire body into a shaking wreck, full of fear. 
Once we find our victims, they become seperated entirely from other humans. They can't hear you, see you, and you'll past through them like a ghost. In other words, you're alone, it laughed mockingly. Turn to look at your shadow, Laila, and you will be the first, the first in the world, to see a Shadowe. And fear me. Fear me, because everything you hate about yourself, every part of you that you fear... Is me. Upon impulse, I turned, looking at my shadow. My heart hammered against my chest, threatening to explode from the shock and the fear, and it was at that point that I wished the shop window had not been right next to the counter, the small rays of sunlight cursing me with a shadow. Slowly and painfully, it was seperating itself from me, swirling up into the air and forming a real, solid shape. I could only stand and stare, as the shadow became a person just like me. As I looked at it, it were almost as if I was staring right at an evil twin. My clothing had become all grey and black; my long blonde hair now darker than the blackest night, tangled and unkempt. And their eyes... Like hollow pits of evil, they bore right into my soul, teasing me silently and mocking my fear with the hateful glint of their eyes. 
But that wasn't the worst part.
The worst part was the fact that my -her-  skin was no longer normal. It was a deep, horrific purple.
"Hello, Laila," it snarled. "Meet me... Your Shadowe."

I grabbed the closest thing to me, which, naturally, was the totally terrifying can of beans. But it was enough to help me escape. Throwing it at my Shadowe, I darted past her, and ran fearfully through the door. I didn't hang around to watch her her snarl in anger, but I heard it, the most evil, terrifying growl I have ever heard in my life.
"You can't run!" she called after me as I dashed down the streets, my breathing quick with terror. Oh, how I wished the voice had just stayed in my head, haunting me from inside rather than chasing me through the streets of Brighton with a delighted howl, like a wolf chasing prey.
"Only the chosen one can rid Earth of Shadowes! If he slaughters his own Shadowe, then we all will perish. Our lives are all tied to his; if the chosen's Shadowe dies, our lives will fade too. It was a gamble, that, tying our lives to the most powerful Shadowe's. But it also means that the rest of us cannot be killed. So you cannot escape!" my Shadowe laughed as I bolted around a corner. Fear had completely engulfed me now, swallowing my mind up in fear, so much that it hurt to think straight. Just breathe, I told myself. And think; what would your characters do? I took a deep breath, and imagined that this was a story, told myself as I ran, that this was just one of my characters, fighting for their lives. Only, I thought, with rising panic, my characters had never been made to fight an unkillable creature, with nobody to help them and nowhere to run!
Well, they'd be brave, I knew that. They'd try to help other people survive. But how? If nobody could see me, how could I warn them?

After running for what seemed like hours, I stopped, panting. How much longer could I last?
"Laila, are you tired yet?" came my Shadowe's contemptuous voice from just around the corner. "Being a Shadow, I never tire!" she called out, with a vicious delight in her tone. Taking a deep breath, I ran again, but my legs were aching, and I was running out of breath. Ah, the luxuries of being a powerful warrior in a book... Most of my characters seemed to be athletic, so they could fight monsters without tiring. Never before had I considered that it was not only the fact that they could shoot fire from their hands, defeat armies with only a single blade, and slay monsters with magical abilities. They could last ten minutes sprinting away from anything they so chose to. It was not only their special abilites that each one of them possessed. They lasted so long because I'd given them stamina. How I wish I could be more like them...
A hand grabbed my wrist, and I turned, kicking at my Shadowe. She blocked the blow with her free hand, throwing me to the floor with such power that I was winded.
"Oh, so many ways to kill you..." she smiled cruelly to herself. "So many ways to overpower you. You know, since I'm a Shadowe, I can make you feel antagonising pain simply by doing this..." she spoke, suddenly lunging and digging her nails into the palm of my hand. I screamed in agony as the unbearable pain convulsed through my body, rippling out to each of my limbs and making me tremble in torment.
"Stop!" I screamed, my mouth dry from crying out. "Stop!"
For a second, the pain stop, and I curled up, choking on tears. How? How could she do this to me? It was so terrible, so mortifying that I can't even begin to describe how much it hurt. Never again would I write the torture scenes of my movellas with such a light heart...
And that was when the answer came to me. If I couldn't directly warn people, I could put the warning on the internet! Even if I had to die, I told myself, I'd die fighting.
I looked up as my Shadowe bent down to mock me. As she did, I focused all my strength into one last effort, an effort to fight the Shadowe before she killed me. Grabbing her head, I smashed it down onto the pavement. There was no blood, just a sickening crunch as her head hit the pavement and she fell to her knees, wailing in pain. I scrambled to my feet, heading to the place where I wanted to die- the last time my parents had both taken me out for a trip together... The night before my father was murdered. I still remember it, I remember eating ice cream, laughing as we all played the arcade games, went on some of the gentler rides. Swallowing me fear, I headed to Brighton Pier.

Well, here I am. At the end of my story, with my Shadowe's derisory calls getting closer and closer. I guess Shadowes can track the person they were born from, too. So use this to your advantage, reader. I don't know who you are, but, if I can help you, I will. You have to read this carefully, paying attention to everything about Shadowes. When you become a victim, then you'll need it to survive for as long as you can. If you've just read this because you think it's simply another story on Movellas, that you may as well kill time and read, then go ahead and ignore my warnings. But when you become isolated from everybody else, then don't blame me for your death and your fear. Don't blame me when you die, reader. Cherish life while you can, because your Shadowe will kill you. And if you're reading this, chosen one, then I beg of you, kill your Shadowe, and do not let any others face the fear that I felt, don't let them go through this torture that I have just endured. I've no idea how you'll even know you're the chosen one, and I don't even know your name. But I am begging you to save the rest of the human race. Shadowes are deadly, and you have to kill them. I've just looked behind me, and it looks as though she's running up the Pier. Her face looks dreadful, but, though it appears as if Shadowes can be injured, they cannot be killed. In front of me is a family, of a man, sitting with his wife and daughter. They talk of little things, that seem not quite so important, but they are a family. And they are happy. With envy building up inside me, I glance back. She's almost here, a murderous look on her face as if she wants to kill me. Which, in all truthfulness, she does. Farewell, good old world. I'll miss you. Taking a deep breath, I ready myself to fight her. Well, at least I've got to write a story about it. I always did want to be an author. So if you're reading this, pass it on, and make sure that everybody knows about Shadowes. And, to the chosen one... Please, don't hesitate to end your Shadowe. Save the others, chosen one. I don't want the whole world to end up like me.

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