Glad You Came

Lozzie has everything she could ever want. A loving and rich family. She has EVERYTHING. Apart from a loving boyfriend. She want's one so badly. One day, Lozzie is kidnapped along with british/irish boy band, The Wanted.... Read on to find out more......


1. This is something serious, don't you understand?

"Lozzie, you sure about this? Don't you think we should wait for your butler?" My best friend, Sammy said. We had just come out of a very exclusive club in Central London and it is now midnight. God, Sammy is so protective and worried. She comes from a rich family like mine.  Sometimes, she can be really annoying but I love her as a friend really. 


  "Why? He's just gonna have a go at us anyway. And what could go wrong? I live three blocks away.." I mumbled and then stumbled. I was drunk and I admit it. I always get drunk when I'm out partying.


 "But it's midnight. That's when all the kidnappers and rapists come out, right?" Sammy said sassily. I rolled my eyes and began to walk in the direction of my house.


 "You wait for my stupid butler then, I'm going on home. See you tomorrow, love." I shouted, walking around the corner and into a pitch black street. Like what Sammy said was true. Kidnappers and rapists in central London at midnight? I don't think so. I stumbled down the street, occasionally stopping every time I heard a noise. After a while, I heard a loud crunching sound. I snapped my head in the direction of the sound and saw a black figure. It began walking slowly towards me and eventually, it was centimeters from me. I gulped and felt a pinch in the back of my neck. It wasn't long before I had passed out. All I could see was black. Was I dead, or have I just been drugged? I'm scared. For the first time in my life, I'm actually scared. Help. 



A/N: Okay, first chapter, should I continue? Reviews please. Thanks for reading though. The Wanted will be in the next chapter as well as another british/irish boy band. :)

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