Glad You Came

Lozzie has everything she could ever want. A loving and rich family. She has EVERYTHING. Apart from a loving boyfriend. She want's one so badly. One day, Lozzie is kidnapped along with british/irish boy band, The Wanted.... Read on to find out more......


2. And you are?

I woke to the sound of boys chatting. What happened? Oh, yeah, I was drugged. Fantastic. Sammy was right. I've been kidnapped by some rapist probably. I looked around the room I was in. Dark, gloomy, and smelly. Five boys sat in the corner of the room chatting with one another. I sat up best I could considering my back ached like mad. I groaned and the five boys all looked at me.


 "Hi," I croaked. "Sorry."


 "No, love, we're sorry. Actually, the jerk who kidnapped us is... He shouldn't have kidnapped a young, pretty girl like you." Said one of them. He was tall, Irish and amazing... Oops. I meant he looked okay.. No, I didn't he looked amazing. 


 "Um, well.." I was speechless. What could I say after he called me pretty? 


 "What's your name, love?" Asked another one. This one was bald, with glowing grey eyes and was very fit...


 "Urh, Lozzie." I mumbled, inspecting each and every one of them. There was baldy (I hate not knowing their names), Irish, Curly, and then two others I kept getting confused.


 "Nice, I'm Max and this is Siva, Tom, Jay and Nathan." Said Max. His name suited him, so did the others. I smiled and looked towards a door on the other side of the room. I saw light seeping in from it, lighting the room a little. Suddenly, it opened. I froze, and watched...

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