ιт ιѕ α ѕтσяу αвσυт α gιяℓ ηαмє∂ αηηα ωнєη ѕнє ƒιяѕт мєт тнє ωσяℓ∂'ѕ мσѕт ƒαмσυѕ вσувαη∂єя нαяяу ѕтуℓєѕ αт нєя ωαу συт σƒ ѕтαявυ¢кѕ ωнαт ωιℓℓ нαρρєη тσ тнєм ? ωιℓℓ тнєу вє α тнιηg? ωιℓℓ тнєу вє нαρρу тσgєтнєя? яєα∂ тσ ƒιη∂ συт!


5. Chapter 4

Anna's POV

I was so confused he thought Steven was my boyfriend, "so that's his name" he said glaring at Steven. Why would he even care, "no he's only my friend that's it" I said trying to explain it to him "yah man she's my best friend" Steven said trying to help me out "well, can Steven leave so I can talk to you alone" Harry said, Steven left after that and I was alone with Harry. "So, I never got your name" he said "oh sorry, my name is Anna" I said as I let a giggle slip out "nice name, want to hang out tomorrow?" He ask hopefully "yah that would be awesome" I said as I began to smile "and Anna??" He said looking at his feet "yes Harry" I said looking at him "I like you allot" he said and I froze up   Hope you liked it I'm 1dlover222 the co-author ill update daily for you guys!!
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