ιт ιѕ α ѕтσяу αвσυт α gιяℓ ηαмє∂ αηηα ωнєη ѕнє ƒιяѕт мєт тнє ωσяℓ∂'ѕ мσѕт ƒαмσυѕ вσувαη∂єя нαяяу ѕтуℓєѕ αт нєя ωαу συт σƒ ѕтαявυ¢кѕ ωнαт ωιℓℓ нαρρєη тσ тнєм ? ωιℓℓ тнєу вє α тнιηg? ωιℓℓ тнєу вє нαρρу тσgєтнєя? яєα∂ тσ ƒιη∂ συт!


3. Chapter 2

Still Anne's Pov. 

Later that day I still can't believe I bumped into HARRY FREAKING STYLES!  Me and my best friend are getting ready for the trip to an amazing chinese restaurant for dinner with the small group I have been assigned to. I can't stop thinking of him all day and wish I would have said something else to him. I decided to wear dark  jeans with a plain blue t-shirt with a bow on the back. I don't wear dresses often so that was out of the question.  We finally get to the restaurant and my group gets a table in the back of the restaurant.  I hear some girls saying " omg Niall and Harry from one direction are here!" I turned around quickly and his green orbs locked on my light blue ones. He acctually looks embaressed abd happy to see you.

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