Regular Show stories

This is actually a gender swap of the actual regular show. Mardalla and Rigina are 23 year olds that work at a park where crazy things happen. Most caused by the two. They hang out with the other staff members and two other guys from a coffee shop. Things get heated up with the coffee guys Marcus and Elliot. Episodes of regular show that have been on and ones I've made will be on here.


2. Hello my opposite part 2

Mordella's pov

We got to the coffee shop and sat at our usaul table with Mordecai and Rigby. 

"So Mordecai where do you guys work?" I asked. 

"We work at the park." He replied. 

"Is it your first day?" I asked. 

"No. We've worked there for like a year or two."

"But I've never seen you before." 

Our conversation got interrupted when Marcus came over. He is cute. He is a robin and works here with his badger friend Elliot who has a huge crush on Rigina. 

"Hey Marcus." I said messing with my feathers. 

"Hey Mordella, Rigina. Who are these guys?" Marcus said. He looked like he was jealous. 

"This is Mordecai and Rigby." I pointed them out. 

"Hey dude." Mordecai said. They shook hands. 

"Okay I'm guessing your girls's usaul. What do you guys want?" Marcus said. 

"A coffee 5 sugars." Mordecai said. 

Thats exactly what I always get. 

"That's what I always get." I said after Marcus left. 

Mordecai's pov 

"Really?" I asked. 

"Yeah." Mordella replied. 

Mordella is so beautiful. Her feathers are brushed perfectly and her smile. It makes it so you can't help but smile either. I could tell she likes Marcus though. I like her from her personality not her looks. I think Marcus would just hurt her. 

"Hey Mordecai. Hello? Earth to Mordecai." Mordella was right in my face. Oh crap. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Your coffee is here." She replied. 

"Oh." I replied. 

After we were finished at the coffee shop we headed back to the park. Rigina and Rigby went in so they could pick a movie we could watch. I grabbed Mordella before she could go in. 

"Is there something wrong?" She asked. 

"No." I replied. "I just wanted to tell you something."

"Fire away."

"I have had a great time with you today." 

"Me too."

I just stood there when Mordella just smashed her lips against mine. I kissed her back. Oh I just want to stay here with her. 

"Guys what's taking so lo-" Rigby saw us. "Nevermind."


I'm just going to change this into a love story. I'm going to change the title so yeah. 

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