SHARK ATTACK : Tavita Toa -Tiger Shark (Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 12 Jun 2013
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This story is about Tavita and his fishing trip with his uncle and cousin...when they encounter a true mystery of the south seas. This story has been submitted into the
"Gaming Fan Fiction competition". The video game it's based on is called " Shark Attack".
thank you 2 my sis, & Deus both of you have been invaluable. Shot Treks & Deus :)


1. The Festival

Uncle Sole leaned his arm against the railing of their outrigger canoe. He nodded and shouted,

"We've had a good catch today nephew, what do you reckon?"

Uncle Sole was a heavily built man in his forties, balding slightly and developing a potbelly. While adjusting the rigging on the sail of their canoe, he gestured to Tavita, his nephew who was working the sail lines opposite him. Tavita's physique was athletic and well developed for his young age of nineteen. He had a strong jawline and handsome rugged features. His attitude to life was direct and undisguised. This temperament was his constant endearing trait.

"I reckon we've had a good day uncle," Tavita said, then he leaned into his cousin,

"Hey Sina, You alright there?" he smiled.

"All good cuz," Sina chuckled as she continued prepping one of their fishing nets for another cast.

" Get out of my face! ha," Sina laughed as she punched Tavita in the arm.

It was a beautiful summers day. Tavita, his Uncle Sole and his cousin were fishing on the outskirts of thier island. Tavita's cousins name was Sina. She was a beautiful girl also at the age of nineteen with rich flowing jet black hair. Her frame was tough yet graceful. She was a sweet girl slightly rash with a tendency toward independence-contrary to her strict upbringing. This is why we find her on this particular fishing trip. Though hunting and fishing was traditionally mens work she had convinced Uncle Sole to bring her along. She would be helpful and quiet, as a mouse she joked.

Their motherland was a rich sun swept island with age-old traditions and a promise for the future. Fishing and hunting were not performed for sport, but in these harsh lands, it was life itself.

“We’ll go another round then head back home in time for the festival,” Uncle Sole said as he wiped his brow with his forearm.

“Hey Tavita,” asked Sina, “Will you be doing your fire dance tonight?”

She quizzed Tavita with a wide humourous grin on her face as the three of them hauled in a net filled with a bounty of fish.

“Oh yeah cuz, but the last time, things didn’t really go as planned eh, …I mean, I practically singed hair off my legs, strained a muscle in my back and almost lost my fire knife in the crowd. Todays fishings better than yesterdays, and on Thursday we only caught part of our quota. I'm just glad we got plenty today though, I'll be on tonight for sure."

Tavita’s answer was riddled with anticipation for the upcoming fire dance performance. Indeed it was a good day. Little did they know that it was about to take a turn for the worse.

The faint sound of thunder rumbled through the air, while the ever expanding sky was glazing and shimmering over the waters. The scorching sun beat down with a ferocity well accustomed to by the islands natives. Heatstroke was a common occurrence to those unfamiliar with island life. This life giving sun, could also consume and destroy.

"It was strange to Tavita that he could hear thunder despite the fact that the sky was clear and crisp."

Though Tavita's thinking wasn't important to the task at hand. Uncle Sole's command was.

“Tavita! Come over here boy, we've got an extra catch bro. Grab your spear, be ready"  

Thunder howled through the air once more, but this time sounding substantially louder than before. The whole group stopped fishing and looked at each other with bewilderment and confusion.

“That doesn’t sound too good,” whispered Sina.

Freak storms were a rare double edged sword, destroying everything in its path, and a sort of unwelcome refuge from the scorching power of the sun…Such is Nature’s balance of destruction and re-birth.

Suddenly the burning sun was enveloped by a bellowing mass of black clouds, swirling and bubbling then releasing a deluge of rain. The ocean swelled as sheet lightning blanketed the sky in frantic unpredictable fits. The whole area was a raging rollercoaster of the elements. The marauding sky with it’s thick black clouds and the sea, like palms of death, battering their small fishing vessel. In all its random fury and confusion it was also a spellbinding sequence of events, almost hypnotic. Tavita glared over his shoulder and was transfixed by the twisting clouds. Sina and his Uncle were holding onto the canoe while praying for deliverance. Sina opened her eyes and saw Tavita at the front of the canoe.

“Tavita!” she shouted “We have to stick together!”

The torrential rain was hammering down. Their canoe swayed under the dynamics of the storm. Tavita was grasping onto the canoe with one hand and the other, was aimed with his spear into the stifling sky. Sina screamed again.

“Tavita!…what…what are you doing?”

While she shuddered, the canoe continued to rock to-and-fro causing her and their fishing equipment to slide and skate constantly. She was trembling with fear but was determined to brace and seize herself, and her emotions. Tavita was completely mesmerised, he thought he could see something in the centre of the storm.

“What could it be?” Tavita mumbled to himself.

“Uncle!…I can see something…it looks like…”

Tavita didn’t manage to finish his sentence for behind him, multitudes of forked lightning were streaking out from the mouth of the sky.

“Behind you!” Sina shrieked in vain.

As Tavita veered back around, his eyes focused in on a bolt of lightning. But that was all he had time to do, because in the blink of an eye, lightning had zigzagged across the sky and struck Tavita in the chest, lifting him up two feet into the air and throwing him into the merciless sea.

“Tavita!” screamed Sina.

Uncle Sole and Sina sprang to their feet and surveyed the area of water where Tavita had fallen. Recklessly they dived into the waves, searching fervently, but to no avail. Uncle Sole told Sina to abandon her pursuit and climb back into the canoe. Meanwhile, Tavita…in a daze was slipping deeper into the great abyss. Then it happened.

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