SHARK ATTACK : Tavita Toa -Tiger Shark (Gaming Fan Fiction Contest)

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  • Published: 12 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 12 Jun 2013
  • Status: Complete
This story is about Tavita and his fishing trip with his uncle and cousin...when they encounter a true mystery of the south seas. This story has been submitted into the
"Gaming Fan Fiction competition". The video game it's based on is called " Shark Attack".
thank you 2 my sis, & Deus both of you have been invaluable. Shot Treks & Deus :)


2. In The Depths Of A Monster

Feeling helpless at the situation, Uncle Sole and Sina dropped their heads in grief. Sina sank to her knees, wailing in despair.

“Please Lord…help us,” she cried. 

As Uncle Sole tried desperately to console his niece, a humongous tiger shark swam past their canoe.  Frustrated, Uncle Sole grabbed his spear and aimed it at the beast, but as he ascended to his feet, the tiger shark dove deep into the ocean.  At that point, Sina saw four other shark fins circling the water, then dive down towards what must have been Tavita’s proximity. Beneath the oceans waters the enormous shark had spotted Tavita and swallowed him whole. For Tavita, it was a surreal sensation being in the belly of the beast. The lightning had done something to him on a molecular level, but not just to him, but to the shark also. Both Tavita and the shark began to glow a fluorescent green. The shark’s body began to fuse and intermingle with Tavita’s. In the next moment Tavita was suddenly jolted into consciousness.  

Tavita didn’t know where he was, only that his legs, ribs and arms were on fire and he couldn’t breathe. Instinctively he tightened the grip on his spear (which was still in his grasp) and executed a series of violent outward thrusts. Although his body was feeling crushed, he continued on with all his might. After seven or eight more jabs, Tavita felt the crushing feeling around his body begin to release. He had made a substantial hole in the shark. Unknowingly. Tavita had killed a Tiger Shark. It was drifting lifelessly to the bottom of the sea with Tavita lodged inside. With the greatest effort. Tavita swam out of the dead shark. He was free, the crushing pain was gone and he was breathing easy again if not better. For now Tavita realised that he was infact, breathing under water. Tavita looked on as the dead shark descended to the depths, but his attention was redirected to the other four sharks encircling him. Tavita was covered in blood and the sharks could smell it.

Tavita raised his spear in an offensive stance, then he realised that the sharks were disinterested in him, but were circling the dead shark. Tavita hastily began swimming to the surface, glancing down momentarily to keep an eye on the potential danger. Then Tavita couldn’t believe what he saw. The dead shark glowed flourescent green once more, wriggled to life, and swam away. Feverishly Tavita swam back up to the surface, the storm had subsided, mellowing to a light mist and the tides were flat once again. Tavita breathed in the sea air and found that in the first few seconds – it was hard to take in. The skies were bright blue as he attempted to make a bearing for home, spotting his island far off in the distance Tavita proceeded to swim back. Reaching the beach, Tavita found that, even though he still felt strong and full of energy-he fell to his knees in an overwhelming respite. On the beach, bewildering thoughts raced through his mind until he heard a familiar voice rip through the haze of his contemplation. 

“Tavita!” Sina shouted as she ran down the beach with Uncle Sole following close by.

“We thought you were,” she paused. “Thank God you’re alive!” Sina cried as new feelings of relief and solace captivated her reality. Tears of joy flowed from Uncle Sole and Sina’s eyes as they embraced Tavita. Something in Tavita urged him not to mention what had happened with the shark. That he could now breathe underwater, that he killed a tiger shark and it had simply glowed marvelously and surged back to life, and what about that freak storm? So many questions. Sina wiped the tears from her eyes as Uncle Sole, with a concerned look on his face, turned to Tavita.

“What happened out there?” 

“I don’t know Uncle, I swam back here from where I fell off the canoe and the...”

Tavita was cut short by Sina’s ghastly tone.

“Look” she pointed.

“What?” Tavita responded.

“What already?” Tavita questioned.

“You’re,” Sina gasped.

“You’re glowing!”

          Note : These are some rough character sketches of the ongoing story

                     ( yet to be written ) of " Tavita Toa , The Tiger Shark ". 

                    This first story " Shark Attack " is basically an " Origin" story. 



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