Love For Charity

My name is Charity, and I'm from Wisconsin. I auditioned for the XFactor in 2010; which is where my story begins, and where I met my boyfriend......Harry Styles.


2. Going Home?!

I cried softly as I walked upstairs to pack my stuff. I just can't believe that I got sent home after I tried my hardest to impress the three judges. I guess I just wasn't good enough for them. Damn them! "Heyy! How'd it go?" Harry asked as he walked into my room. I looked at him with my tear strewn face. "Oh. I'm so sorry Charity!" We both cried and packed my stuff together until I had to leave. "Please keep in touch Harry!" I whispered as I got in the car. "I will. Keep in touch Charity." He whispered back. As the fancy car drove down the long driveway, I watched the sad look on Harry's face as the car drove out of sight. I will never forget that sad face that broke my heart to see. 


Hey guys this is my very first movella so it's probably not that good. But I will eventually get better right? ;) Please comment on how the story is and ways I could improve it. Thanks for reading and I will update whenever I can!! :) xoxo.  ~Mariah

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