Love For Charity

My name is Charity, and I'm from Wisconsin. I auditioned for the XFactor in 2010; which is where my story begins, and where I met my boyfriend......Harry Styles.


1. Audition

                 Charity's P.O.V
     My knees were shaking as I walked out on the XFactor stage. I wiped a bead of sweat from my forehead when I faced the judges. Just gross. (Nervous sweating runs in my family.) 

     "Hello beautiful! what's your name and where are you from?" Simon Cowell asked. "Umm my name is Charity Riese and I'm from Wisconsin."

      "And what will you be singing for us today Charity?" "Um I will be singing American Girl by Carrie Underwood" (Note to self, try to stop saying "um" so much.) 

     When the song started, my fear went away and I just imagined I was at home singing into my hairbrush. I think I did very well, but I'll leave that up to the judges.

     My parents would be so proud of me if they were here right now. But I'll tell you about that later. When the audience was done clapping and cheering, I started to get nervous again about what the judges thought of me. 

     "Starting with Simon, what's it gonna be?" the announcer said. "Your performance was outstanding and I really liked it! I really want you here; so it's a yes for me." "Nicole?" I really like you Charity and I think your voice is beautiful! So I also give you a yes."

      Oh. My. God! I couldn't believe I was moving on to the next round in the XFactor!!! I jumped up and down and walked off stage with a grin from ear to ear. I passed by this cute boy about my age with the curliest hair I have ever seen.

      "You were great!" he told me in his deep British accent. "Thank you!" I gushed. "I hope you do well too!" He smiled an adorable crooked smile. 

     "Thanks Charity!" "Wait! You know my name but I didn't catch your name." I told him. "Oh! Sorry bout that. My name is Harry. Harry Styles."   "Harry Styles, it is your turn on stage!" some weird backstage person said. 

     "Well, it was nice meeting you Harry! And best of luck!" I told him before he went on stage. I really do hope he does well!
Both Harry and I made it through many rounds of the XFactor together and became very good friends when we were at Simon Cowell's place. Harry turned out to be a very sweet boy from Holmes Chapel, Chesire with a dream of being a famous singer. I secretly had a crush on him, but of course I didn't tell him. 

     He would never like me back though. I am the most clumsy, weird, and emotional girl in the world! For example, I was making myself a cup of coffee one morning and I was about to go and enjoy it on the balcony. I was turning around to get the creamer and I accidentally dumped the whole cup on Harry! I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life! 

     And for the emotional part, I was telling him about how my parents died in a plane crash when I was 12 and my older brother and I were the only survivors. He gave me a big hug as I sobbed loudly in his arms. 

     "Hey, its alright Charity! Let it out. Im here for you!" It made me feel good that he was there for me, and well...he was holding me in his strong and loving  arms and giving me a shoulder to cry on. How sweet is that!

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