Love For Charity

My name is Charity, and I'm from Wisconsin. I auditioned for the XFactor in 2010; which is where my story begins, and where I met my boyfriend......Harry Styles.


6. A Strange Call

                  Charity's P.O.V
     Just as I was getting ready for bed one night, a random number called me. I answered the call, pondering about who would call me this late at night just before I was going to bed. "Hello?" "Hey is Charity Riese there?" a deep and husky voice with a British accent asked.

     "Speaking." I heard a gasp on the other end and some whispering. "Hello? Who are you?" " Oh, sorry about that love." This voice sounded very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on where I've heard it.

     "Hello? Who are you?" I asked the caller again. "Charity! My old pal! It's Harry Styles!" Oh god. I felt like hanging up. I don't wanna talk to that jerk after he just totally forgot about me and now wants to talk again. 

     "Hello are you there Charity?" "Oh! I'm sorry bout that Harry!" "How've you been?" "Oh, I've been fine. You?" "I'm doing great! Life's pretty crazy for me right now since I'm now stalked by every girl and paparazzi in the world. You know?" 

     "Wow Harry! I'm not really sure if you're bragging or complaining." He chuckled at my comment. "Say Charity, I'm such a prick for not calling. And I want to say that I'm very sorry and I'm hoping you'll forgive me."

     I raised my eyebrows. I hope he's not gonna go all sentimental on me. "Sure." "Sure what?" "I forgive you for not calling or anything for 3 years and not giving a crap about my life." 

     "Woah, sorry miss bitchy! Someone on their period or something?!" "As a matter of fact I am Harry! And I said I forgive you so just forget about it." After those words left my mouth, I instantly regretted it. Why am I yelling at him if he apologized? "Sorry Haz. I'm a bit tired and I'm crabby when I'm tired."

     "Ok ummm.........." *crickets chirping* "Soooo....." 

     Suddenly Harry just busted out laughing. I started to laugh too. "The awkward silence!" I managed to say through my laughter. "Right, so Charity, you wanna meet up again? You know like meet the boys and we can catch up?"

     "Yes! There is nothing I would love more than meeting up with you again! It would also be great to meet the guys you sing with. I would really love to meet the adorable blonde one!" He laughed. "Ahhhh you mean Niall?" "Yup! He's adorable!" We made arrangements over the phone about where we should meet.

     By the time Harry and I were done chatting, it was like 1 a.m. I completely lost track of time while we were gabbing! I crawled into bed and dreamt about Harry and I reuniting. Breathing in his wonderful scent as he pulls me into a bear hug, sounds so deliciously romantic. 

     *sigh* I can't wait to see him again!

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