Love For Charity

My name is Charity, and I'm from Wisconsin. I auditioned for the XFactor in 2010; which is where my story begins, and where I met my boyfriend......Harry Styles.


4. A Few Years Later...

      It was just a lazy day at home for me. By lazy day I mean laying in my comfy clothes and channel surfing. I suddenly stumbled upon an interview with the hottest boy band One Direction. I decided to watch since Harry has now become part of the world famous boy band. Every day I wonder why he's never called, texted, or anything!

     "He's very busy now that he's famous Charity." my best friend Megan told me. (Megan and I have been best friends since sixth grade.) She's always been a huge fan of One Direction and it kinda drives me insane how she has these spasms every time she sees something One Direction related.

      I turned my attention to the T.V. as the interviewer started asking the boys questions. "So which of you are single right now?" The cute blonde boy (I think his name is Niall.) raised his hand. "I am the only single Pringle of the group" he said with a sad smile. 

     "So Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis are all taken?" "Yup!" Harry replied popping the p. Of course who could EVER forget about Harry's so-called girlfriend Taylor Swift. I'm a little jealous, but COME ON! Taylor Swift is a whore! But then again, Harry is kind of a man whore... 

     I was ranting in my head about how Harry could be mine if the dick head would have kept in touch with me when my attention was brought to the interview again. "So do any of you have any old friends that you miss?" All boys nodded. "There was this girl I met on the XFactor that I kinda liked, but she left and I never called her. I regret it and I wish I would have kept in touch." Oh. My. God. He actually remembers me but just never calls.

     I turned off the T.V and sat there wondering if I should try getting ahold of him again. I would love to talk with him again, but I don't think I can face him if he's going out with fricken Taylor Swift. No. I thought. If he wants to talk to me he needs to call me first. I will forever be mad at him until he apologizes. But until then, he can fuck off!



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