Please Don't Go.

Possible Trigger Warning. For the 'Inspired By a Song' competition, inspired by 'How To Save a Life' by The Fray. One shot.


1. Mother.

I remember when you sat me down and told me where Daddy had gone. He'd gone to keep me safe, sent the bad men away, but he had to stay away, and would never come back. My world fell apart when you said we couldn't go and see him, either. I'd ask you constantly where my Daddy was, whenever I cried I asked for him, but he never came. Sure enough, when I was old enough, you told me he died in action, protecting us all. The feeling of pride never filled the void of never having a father, and I drifted further and further away from you. Your hugs were empty and cold, and your smiles became less frequent. 

Our family was torn apart in an explosion of loss, and we were at the center of it all. No one knew how to console us or tell us jokes to make us smile. I didn't have any friends, neither did you. We had each other, but that wasn't much for people with such strongly hidden characters. Daddy knew how to make you smile. He'd come home one evening with a large bunch of roses and hand them over to you with a kiss on the cheek and a smile. I remember he took you to a concert and you came back happily drunk and laughing like best friends, but I knew that you were more than that. You two taught me how to love, and, in turn, taught me how to deal with loss. 

So, one day, on my way home from school, I went to the florists. The scent of roses was overpowering, and I felt tears sting my eyes when I see the ghost of my father standing there, picking the best bunch of roses. I tried to say something, but the words were stuck in my throat, so I held my hand out to try and seize him. I swear to you, he turned and looked at me, approvingly, and nodded. I wanted to hug him, I wanted to tell him I missed him and that I wish he were still there, but he disappeared, slipping through my outstretched hand like wisps of smoke. All I was left with was the bunch of roses that he was looking at, and they were the most beautiful, fragrant roses I'd ever seen. I bought them, and carried them home to you with the most care I could; I didn't want your flowers to be damaged in any way. 

I got home to see you sat there, staring at the wall beyond the picture of us all together. The smiles on our faces were suddenly ghosts, just like Daddy. You looked up at me, but before you could register what was happening, I move over and put the roses in her hands gently, before kissing you on the cheek and giving you a smile. 

'I love you, Mum,' I whispered as tears roll down her pale cheeks, and suddenly we were hugging and smiling. 

Little moments of that drown out the sadness, the calm before any oncoming storms. We were strong as anything, we could take on anything as long as we had each other. 

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