Larry One Shots

Larry requested one shots. I put the prompt at the beginning of each, feel free to leave a prompt in the comment box.


1. Who are you gonna choose?

Prompt: Louis goes out with Eleanor every night one week, sometimes just as friends others for publicity and harry cries himself to sleep every night because he boyfriend is out with someone else. And then during the weekend Harry ignores Louis and it blows up into a huge argument but fluffy ending?

Louis still hadn’t come home and it was almost 3 in the morning.   It was Louis and Harry’s 1 year anniversary.  How could Louis forget?  He’d watched as Louis walked out with Eleanor and thought he was joking.   Every night this week he’s been out with Eleanor.  But even on their anniversary?  Louis wouldn’t do that to Harry.  It was all Eleanor’s fault.   Thinking of her name had Harry livid.  Who was she to come in and take his boyfriend away from him every night?  Harry didn’t care if it was for publicity or not Louis is Harry’sboyfriend not Eleanor’s.  Trying to get his mind off of her he got onto twitter.  Immediately he was bombarded by pictures of Louis and Eleanor holding hands.  Ignoring them he clicked on the worldwide trends.




Harry threw his phone on the floor in frustration and couldn’t stop the tears that came.  “Why can’t we just be together?” He whispered to himself curling into a ball on the cold leather couch.  Harry fell asleep with silent tears falling down his face just as he had the previous nights before.  He woke up to the light patter of footsteps.  Sitting up and squinting, Harry scratched his head and saw as Louis shut the front door as quietly as he could.  Louis turned and could tell from Harry’s red eyes and scruffy hair that he had waited up for him and had been crying. 

Louis wished he could be with Harry in public like he was with Eleanor but knew that wouldn’t happen for years.  “How long did you wait up?” Louis set his keys on the counter and slid out of his shoes then sat down beside Harry, who was sitting cross legged.  “How long did I wait up? That’s the first thing you decide to say to me after you’ve been out with that whore all night.”  Harry’s tone of voice was cold and so was his expression.  “Harry you know it just for public-” Harry interrupted him before he could finish.  “Bull fucking shit Lou! She doesn’t even know you’re gay!  She thinks it’s real just like all those other idiots!  What are you going to do when she wants to have sex Lou?  How’re you going to explain to her the reason you aren’t hard?  Fuck Lou, you forgot are fucking anniversary! It was last night! How could you do that to me?!”  Harry had stood up somewhere in between that and now was screaming, blinking away angry tears.

  Louis looked stunned, frozen even.  How could he have been so stupid?  Harry was the man he was in love with and he’s been going out every night with some girl whom he wasn’t even attracted to.  He was only seeing her for publicity and Harry has had to sit here and watch as Louis went out with someone who wasn't him.  Louis couldn't even imagine being in Harry's position.  That made Louis feel terrible.  “Babe”   Louis started to say but Harry’s chin started to quiver as he broke down into a hysterical cry.  He couldn’t even speak and was out of breath.  “Lou- I… need… my… inhaler.”  Harry gasped between the little bits of air he could get into his lunges. 

Louis jumped from the couch ignoring the pain that shot through his big toe as he stubbed it against the corner of the coffee table.   Running down the hallway, he slammed open the bathroom door praying this was where Harry’s inhaler was.   He quickly opened the medicine cabinet his fingers feeling clumsy.   He scanned the cabinet until Harry’s yellow inhaler popped out at him.  Grabbing it he shut the cabinet and ran back into the living room where Harry was gasping on the floor.  “Here you go baby.  Breathe.”  Louis took the lid off and shook the inhaler twice then put it to Harry’s mouth.

  Harry grasped the inhaler and puffed the medicine twice almost immediately being relieved.  Louis helped Harry sit up as he took slow deep breathes.  He stared at Louis as he did it then flew his arms around him.  “I’m sorry.” Harry said holding onto Louis tightly.  “No, you have no reason to be sorry! I’m such a jerk! I can’t believe I was with Eleanor during our anniversary!  Harry, you could have just died and to think I was the cause of that!  God, I love you so much!”  Louis eyes brimmed tears thinking of how Harry had been alone on their anniversary.  Gosh, he was an idiot.  “I love you too, Louis.  More than you know.  It hurts sometimes, because I know I love you so much more than you do me.  That makes me feel so vulnerable, you could leave me any day and it wouldn’t affect you as much as it would me.”   Harry had always believed he was the one who loved more than the other.  Louis pulled away from Harry and he was obviously hurt by what the younger boy had said.  “Harry, I need you to listen to me and believe me when I say this.  Just because management is making me be with Eleanor it does not mean I love you any less than I did the moment you kissed me at your step dad’s bungalow or at Leeds when we first made love.”  Louis grabbed a hold of Harry’s hands and smiled.


  “Harry, you’re unique.  You have such a good heart, you love blindly and you’re so hopelessly optimistic.  I love you because no one else is like you.  You always see the good in me even when it isn’t there. You have to know when I kiss Eleanor I have to force myself, cause all I can think about is you and being with you.  You deserve so much more than me Harry.” Louis’ voice started to go out and he was holding the tears back.  “I can’t lose you Harry. I can’t.”    Harry took his hand from Louis’ and cupped his face. “Hey, I’m not going anywhere.  You hear me?  I love you too much.”  Louis hiccupped through a sob and grabbed Harry’s face.  Planting light kisses on Harry’s temple he trailed them down until he found Harry’s mouth.  Louis ran his fingers through Harry’s curl letting out a soft moan.   “You…need…a…shower” Harry said between kisses laughing.  Louis, still holding onto Harry’s face pulled away chuckling.   “Let’s go.  I'll make it up to you”  Louis raised his eyebrows smirking and ran down the hallway with Harry following behind him. 

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