Larry One Shots

Larry requested one shots. I put the prompt at the beginning of each, feel free to leave a prompt in the comment box.


3. Sometimes running is all we can do.

Requested Prompt: I have a request!! Louis and Harry have come forward and they are waking in the park and some"directioners" start telling off harry and stuff then Louis dosent do anything about it and runs away crying.. then Louis apologizes 

Harry smiled at what a beautiful day it was.  He was walking in the park holding his boyfriend's hand and the sun was shining.  "What are you over there gleaming about, you cutie?" Louis bumped his hip with Harry grinning at him.  "Why wouldn't I be smiling?  It's gorgeous out and I'm holding hands with the love of my life!"  Harry said tapping Louis on the nose lightly with his finger.  Louis pulled Harry too him placing his hands on Harry's hips.  "You know you're too good for me Styles."  Harry shook his head blushing.  "That's disgusting.  Poor Louis."   Harry heard a group of girls murmuring ignorant things about them.  Harry stepped back from Louis' reach and tried to hint to Louis he wanted to go home.  

Louis tilted his head confused he obviously hadn't heard the girls.  "Louis!  Can I get my picture taken with you?" A perky brunette holding a Starbucks cup said looking anxious.  The irony was killing Harry, she looked just like Eleanor.  "Sure love, do you want Harry in it as well?"  Louis smiled at the girl.  She looked at Harry and frowned.  "No, he's the one who turned you queer.  I honestly don't see what you like in him.  He has frizzy hair, gets acne, and his voice gives out when he's singing."  The girl said then sipped from her cup looking Harry up and down in disgust. 

Louis was taken back, they've never been in a situation like this where a fan hated one of them.  He didn't even know what to say, he was so shocked.  A few more girls appeared who seemed to be friends with the hateful brunette.  "See Harry, he doesn't even have anything to say.  Even your boyfriend is disgusted by you.  He can't even defend you.  That's pathetic."  Louis heard the girls laugh but wasn't paying attention to them.  

He looked at Harry who had a stern face and wasn't holding Louis' hand anymore.  "Louis?"  Harry said his eyes becoming red with tears.  "I-"  Louis didn't know what to do so he did the only thing that came to mind.  He ran.  He ran until his lunges felt as if they would collapse and until Harry and the girls were no where in sight.  He sat down on the nearest bench and tried to catch his breathe slowly.  

The weight of another person sitting on the bench made Louis look up.  A little girl with two braids was sitting across from Louis staring at him.  "You look sad."  She said studying him.  "Where's you mum?  Are you lost?"  Louis wiped his face and put on his fake smile.  "How did you do that?  You looked so sad one second the next you look as if you've won the lottery."  The little girl said interested. 

"Well, I've had a lot of practice."  Louis said thinking of how many times he had to fake being happy while with Eleanor.  He doesn't have to do that anymore so why is he smiling?  Slowly Louis quit smiling and realized what he had done to Harry.  Louis still was't used to being out in public with Harry and those girls had just flipped a switch inside Louis.  He felt like his 20 year old self when management had told him that Harry and him could never be together in public.  But they just were, that's all Louis' wanted and he just ran from it.  

"Excuse me I need to go do something."  Louis stood and took a deep breathe.  "Wait!! Can you help me find my mummy?"  Louis looked at the little girl and couldn't say no to her.  "Sure hun, let's just make a pit stop real quick okay?"  Louis held his hand out for her to take.  She smiled and grabbed his hand.  They walked all the way to where Louis had last seen Harry.  The girls were still around Harry saying rude remarks.  This time instead of running or being afraid Louis got angry.  Really angry.        

"You stay right here okay?  Don't go running off."  Louis told the little girl and stomped over to the group of girls bullying Harry.  "Would you give it a rest?  You're pretty pathetic if you have to waste your time bullying someone.  I mean, you must really hate yourself if you have to be so cruel to someone so beautiful.  You envy Harry, admit it.  He has everything you don't."  Louis said stepping in.  He grabbed Harry's hand and stared the girl down.  "Louis, you don't mean that.  I'm just like Eleanor see?  You and I can be together."  You could hear the desperation in the girl's voice.  

"Honey, the only way I would ever be with you is if you somehow magically transformed into Harry and that isn't going to happen.  I never loved Eleanor like I do Harry.  She's a nice girl.  Am I attracted to her?  Do I have feelings for her? No.  Harry is the one I'm in love with and no matter how much you change yourself that isn't going to change."  The girl looked absolutely crushed.  The little girl with braids walked up to them.  "Hi sissy.  This is my new friend."  The Eleanor wannabe grabbed her sister and hugged her.

"Where have you been silly goose.  I thought mom was gonna murder me when I lost you.  Don't wonder off like that ever again."  The little girl smiled and wrapped her arms around her sister.  "Bye! Thank you for taking me to my sissy."  The little girl ran and hugged Louis briefly then went back to her sister.  After the girl apologized for her rudeness they left.  Louis turned to Harry praying he didn't hate him.    

"Harry... I'm so sorry, please don't hate me.  I'll make it up to you."  Louis couldn't even look at Harry, he was so ashamed of himself.  "Hey, look at me."  Harry grabbed the divot between Louis' chin and lips tilting his head up so he would look at him.  "We aren't used to this yet.  All that matters is you came back Louis.  Let's just go home and watch movies and cuddle all day how does that sound?"  Harry said smiling at Louis.  "That's sounds bloody brilliant we should have done that in the first place."  Louis tipped his head up and kissed Harry.  They were both grinning from ear to ear when they pulled away.  Harry wrapped his arm around Louis and they walked home happily.  Even though they had just went through the beginning stage of all the hate they would get they didn't care.  They had each other and that's all they ever wanted or needed.

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