Larry One Shots

Larry requested one shots. I put the prompt at the beginning of each, feel free to leave a prompt in the comment box.


2. Finally Free.

 Requested Prompt: can it be when they go public during an interview..

Harry ran a hand through his hair not believing what him and Louis were about to do.  Harry felt warmth as Louis slid his arms around Harry's waist from behind and set his chin on his shoulder.  "Don't worry babe.  People are more accepting now."  Harry leaned back into the comfort of his boyfriends arms.  "I know babe.  I'm just scared.  We've waited so long for this to happen and now we're finally about to do it." Harry rested his cheek on Louis' loving how right it felt.  "I'm not gonna lie and say people aren't going to hate us and tell us we're disgusting because it'll happen.  But I need everyone to know that you're mine and I'm yours.  We'll be together and that's all that matters to me."  Louis said closing his eyes in contentment.  "That was very touching."  Harry looked to his left and was surprised to see the camera crew and interviewer recording them.  "Um... are we on national television right now? "  Harry said looking guilty with Louis' arms still wrapped around him.

 "Yes."  She smiled then turned to the camera.  "We'll be back after these commercials from our sponsors."  Harry started laughing.  Louis unwrapped his arms from Harry and smiled at him in adoration.  "I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my chest." Harry grabbed Louis' hand.  "Louis I can walk outside and do this." He raised their hands smiling.  Louis kissed Harry's hand.  "Yes you can baby and I can do this." Louis caressed Harry's face before grabbing a hold of it with both  hands and kissing Harry sweetly.  Harry tasted like strawberries and sunshine.  Louis tangled his fingers in Harry's curls loving how he could do this whenever he wanted to now.  Harry pulled away grinning and leaned his forehead on Louis'.  Louis grabbed Harry's hand interlocking their fingers.  "Do we have to stay for the rest of the interview?  I want to take my boyfriend out for lunch."  Harry whispered massaging small circles on Louis' hand with his thumb.  "It'll only be a few more minutes babe."  Louis whispered then pecked Harry on the lips.  "Harry, Louis we're about to go back on the air take your seats now."  The young interviewer from earlier said.

Harry and Louis found the stage and sat together on a white couch still holding hands.  A few minutes later they were on the air. "So tell me, how long have you been dating?"  Jasmine (the interviewer) asked Louis and Harry.  Louis smiled at Harry and was the first to speak.  "Well we had our first kiss at his step father's bungalow before performing at the judge's house.  We started actually dating in the second week of XFactor.  We've had our ups and downs but every relationship has them.  But we're still together and happy too."  Harry smiled at Louis grateful that he had such an amazing boyfriend.  "So Harry, tell me what was it like seeing your boyfriend kiss and hug Eleanor?"  Harry grew tense, he should've known they would ask this question.  He didn't want to talk about her.  Harry would cry and cry because she would take Louis away from him.  Harry was frozen until he felt Louis squeeze his hand gently and it gave him that extra shove he needed.

 "It hurt.  Louis is everything to me and seeing him with her made me miserable.  I couldn't take it, all I could think was that should be me with him.  I'm just so glad I don't have to go through that anymore."  Harry was thankful his voice didn't give away.   "That's horrible.  Louis, how did you feel knowing you were putting Harry through this?"  It was Harry's turn to comfort Louis.  They had been fighting when Louis started to date Eleanor.  "I felt horrible.  It was my fault.  Harry and I had gotten into a fight so to smite him I went clubbing and Eleanor was there.  She had hit on me and I flirted with her.  I was drunk and angry.  Management thought that it would be a great opportunity for me.  So I started dating her.  Every time I went out with her I could only think of Harry and how lonely he must be."  Louis looked at Harry apologetically.

 Harry just shook his head smiling letting Louis know he forgave him.  "Well, there you have it folks.  I think we have a new power couple."  She smiled at the camera then sighed when they were off.  "Let's get out of here." Louis muttered under his breathe.  Harry stood up and grabbed Louis' hand pulling him up.  Louis wrapped his arms around Harry's neck staring up into his bright green eyes.  "I love you."  Louis said rubbing the back of Harry's neck.  "I love you."  Harry leaned forward and stole a kiss from Louis.

A/N: So I just wrote this at 1 a.m. so if it's awful I apologize.   Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.  If you want me to write something request it  This was requested by I-аммяs.маliк (:

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