Larry One Shots

Larry requested one shots. I put the prompt at the beginning of each, feel free to leave a prompt in the comment box.


4. Feels Like Heaven With Harry

Requested Prompt:  Harry and Louis get married and then have twins...

"Harry!"  Louis yelled to his husband cradling their five month old baby who was crying while waiting for a bottle of milk.  "I've got it!  I'm coming!"  Harry squirted the milk onto the back of his hand making sure it wasn't to hot.  

Harry rushed back into the nursery room.  He handed Louis the bottle and Louis put it in Darcy's mouth after shaking it twice.  She started sucking on the rubber nipple and stopped crying.  

Harry smiled down at her and set one of his hands on his husband's shoulder.  "She's so precious.  How's Phoebe?"  Louis said making faces at Darcy.  Harry walked over to the other crib to see Darcy's twin sister sleeping soundlessly.  

"She's fast asleep.  I'm glad someone around here is getting some sleep."  Harry said chuckling to himself.  "Darce is dozing off too.  I think I'm gonna lay her down."  Louis swayed Darcy in his arms cooing at her.  

After a few minutes passed Louis laid her in her crib, Harry and him crept out of the room quietly.  They walked out into the kitchen and Louis sat on a chair around the island while Harry started to make pancakes.  

"How are you Lou?  I'm worried about you."  Harry said, concerned.  Louis smiled at Harry's back, damn was he lucky.  Louis walked over to Harry and wrapped his arms around his waist.  

"I have an amazing husband who cooks and cares for me, two beautiful little girls in that room, and a house that I can call home.  I'm great.  Just a little sleepy but I guess that's something that'll happen when raising twins."  Louis kissed Harry's shoulder reassuring him.  

Harry leaned back into Louis' embrace, closing his eyes not fully believing him.  "Are you sure babe?  I can watch them for a few hours and let you sleep."  Harry put his hands on top of Louis' which were still on Harry's hips.

"Harry, I would never ask you to do that.  We're partners we'll do this together."  Louis kissed Harry's cheek then jumped up on the island and sat down.  Harry finished the pancakes and brought them over to Louis whose mouth was watering. 

"Are these chocolate chip?"  Louis asked.  Harry nodded knowing they were Lou's favorite.  "God, you know me too well."  Louis said before pouring the syrup all over the stack of pancakes on his plate.  

They took their time eating,  Harry kept laughing at Louis because syrup would drip down his chin.  "Alright, since you cooked I'll do the dishes."  Louis said taking his last bite.  

Harry smiled but told him no.  "I'll get them.  Please go get some sleep, for me?"  Harry pleaded sticking out his bottom lip.  Louis grabbed Harry's chin and kissed him tenderly.  

"I love you.  If there's any problems come get me."  Louis smiled at Harry and walked into their room ready for some sleep.  When Louis woke up five hours later he heard laughter coming from the living room.

Scratching his head he wondered out there with the blanket he was sleeping in wrapped around him.  When the living room came into view he saw Harry playing with Darcy and Phoebe.  

"Why didn't you wake me up?"  Louis' voice was scratchy from sleeping.  "You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you."  Harry was laying on the floor next to Darcy and Phoebe on a blanket.  

Louis sat down next to Harry and tickled Phoebe.  She gave him a toothless smile and giggled.  Harry watched as his husband played with their children.  

In that moment Harry knew that all they had gone through together had been worth it.  Because right now, Harry had a family with Louis and that's all he's ever asked for.  

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