Don't look back *complete*

*1D fan fiction* They met one day in a train station. Love at first sight. They decided to ran away together despite of their life, family and friends.

Have you already heard about Eurydice and Orpheus? Well, it's a bit like that. Inspired by a play called "Eurydice" written by a french playwright, jean Anouilh.

Hope you'll like it. x


4. Wait for me

Eurydice POV

Zayn finally woke up and I handed him the letter. He took it and first watched it with astonishment. He opened it and read. The more he was reading, the more angry he was looking. He  got up and looked for something in his bag, still holding the letter. He took a lighter out of it and burned the letter. He stood up and didn't move for a few minutes. He was looking very angry.

I came closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. "Who wrote to you?" I dared to ask him.

"It doesn't matter. This letter was useless. I just want to know how the sender know we're here." he answered with a calm voice.

"Do you think they will come here and look for us?" I said worriedly. he looked at me and smiled. "Even if they do so, it doesn't matter. We won't follow them. We'll stay here. Together." I smiled back at him. He hugged me and we stayed like that for a long time in silence.

I pulled away and told him I was going to buy something to eat. He nodded and I walked towards the door. I was going to press on the handle when I felt his hand grabbed mine. He turned me around, leaned in and kissed me. "Come back quickly;" he whispered. "I promise." And I walked out.



Zayn POV

I stood there, facing the open door where she stood less than a minute ago.

I couldn't stay in this room, alone. I walked out and got in the first floor. The old man looked at me with a weird look on his face but but I ignored him and went to sit in an armchair near the front-door. Next to the front-desk was a small living-room with armchairs and tables. I stared at it with disgut wondering why she chose such an abject place.

Then, the door swung open and I got up quickly. I ran toward it and froze.

It wasn't Eurydice.

It was Liam.

"What are you doing here?" I asked sharply. He walked in and answered

"I came to see you, of course!" I sat back in the armchair but and he faced me.

"Why the hell did you run away?! Have you think about our band before to flee? Explain yourself!" he yelled.

I looked him straight in his eyes and explained him. He was staring at me with his eyes opening wider as I was speaking.

"You gave up everyting for a girl?" He said in a whisper. And he started to laugh. I stood up and it made him stop. He gazed at me "I would never have thought you would do that. It's not in your habit to do so. There is something wrong in what you told me. She must have bewitched you, I see no other rational explanation."  What he told me made me angrier than ever but I tried to control myself. "There is no such thing as magic. I fell in love with her. That's all."

"Whatever. You can't give up on us like that." He grabbed my arm and tried to compel me to follow him. I repelled him and we stared at each other without speaking.

"How did you find me?" I asked him.

"You took your phone with you. I just had to follow his signal." How stupid I am. Why did I took it?!

He moved closer to grab my arm again.

"I won't follow you. You shouldn't have come here. Goodbye Liam" I said and pushed him out of the hotel. He turned around and said calmly "I thought you were wiser. But I was wrong." And he walked away. I watched him walk away and finally came back in when he was out of sight. The old man was looking at me but looked away as I stared at him.

I walked back in the room and waited.

15 minutes later, I heard Eurydice walking up the staircase.

She opened the door and I ran toward her. I hugged her tightly. She first was surprised but dropped her bags and hugged me back.

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