Don't look back *complete*

*1D fan fiction* They met one day in a train station. Love at first sight. They decided to ran away together despite of their life, family and friends.

Have you already heard about Eurydice and Orpheus? Well, it's a bit like that. Inspired by a play called "Eurydice" written by a french playwright, jean Anouilh.

Hope you'll like it. x


3. The flight

Zayn POV


She looked me deeply in the eyes, smiled and hugged me. "Let's go then!" We stood up and I went to get my stuff in the train while she was getting her own stuff. All the boys were in the café so they didn't notice me. I took a bit of my stuff and went back where Eurydice was getting her things.As I came closer, I heard people yelling.

"You put this bag down right now!!" "No! You have no right to impel me to stay!" It was Eurydice's voice.

"I have enough! I decided to go away and I will do it, whether you like it or not!" I heard the sound of someone falling and quick footsteps coming in my direction.

It was Eurydice and she seemed furious. She stared at me for many seconds without speaking. We heard footsteps coming closer so I took her hand in mine and we ran. We ran until we couldn't see the station anymore.We stopped under a tree near the road, both of us out of breath. "What are we doing now?" I asked her. "We're going to the nearest town to try to find a bus or anything else to go to Paris." she answered calmly. I nodded.

Then, we saw a car driving toward us. Eurydice went on the edge of the road and hitch-hike. The car stopped and we went to sit in it. The driver was an old lady who smiled warmly at us. Eurydice spoke with her in french and then she started off. The old lady drove slowly, sometimes watching us in the rear-view mirror and smiling. It was a bit awkwards. I watched the landscape through the window, listening with half an ear to the classical music which was resounding in the car. The old lady spoke a bit with Eurydice but I couldn't understand and she didn't translate it to me. We drove through a town but the lady didn't stopped. I asked Eurydice why but I was answered by the old lady. She spoke to me with such a perfect accent that I would have sworn she was english.

"There is no station here. I'll drop you on the next city." It was so weird! After what seemed to be ages, we drove in a city which seemed bigger than the other. She dropped us near a huge building and Eurydice thanked her. Before starting off, the old lady gazed at me with a grin on her face. I've got to admit she was pretty frightening. Nice but frightening.

We walked in the station and Eurydice went to the ticket-office. She talked for a long time with the lady and finally came back. "We've got to wait 3 hours. Then,we'll take the bus to Paris." I nodded and we went to sit in a corner of the station. We sat there a few minutes,curled up against each other, without speaking.

Then, she broke the silence. "3 hours is so long." "As long as we are together, it doesn't matter how long we will wait." I answered. She smiled at me and rested her head on my chest.

That how those 3 hours went by. I couldn't explain why I decided to follow her. It's just that at the very second I saw her, I knew I had to spend my life with her. It couldn't be otherwise.

I love her and Love doesn't need a reason.

3 hours later, we walked in the bus and sat. There were only the both of us. We waited ten minutes and then, it started off.

"Why did you want to run away?" I asked her. "Because I had to. And I want to go in Paris. Why did you run away with me,then?" "I wanted to follow you. I would follow you everywhere." She smiled.

Then,she fell aspleep and woke up only when we came in Paris. Once in Paris, we got out of the bus and started to wander in the streets. Night has fallen so we looked for a place to stay at. We finally found one in a small street. It seemed to be old because the notice was half erased.

We walked in and Eurydice asked for a room. An old men led us upstairs in a small room, gave us the key and went away. The walls were dark-green and big flowers were drawn upon it. In the middle of the room was the bed. It was made with a dark-brown wood and bed-clothes were in tatters. The whole was abject.

"It's not the best place ever but we'll be well here. At least, they would never think of looking for us in such a place." "Sure!" I said. "I'm exhausted!" I said a few minutes later, yawning. I lay in the bed and looked at Eurydice who was sitting in an armchair.

"I'll stay awake, I'm not tired. I'm gonna stay there and look at you sleeping." she said with a smile. I smiled back and fell asleep.




Eurydice POV

I looked at him sleeping for hours but I finally fell asleep too. I was woken up in the early morning by the old man, who knocked at the door holding a priority-holder letter. He handed it to me and walked away.

This letter was addressed to Zayn. I didn't open but just put it down on the small table which was beside the armchair. I moved closer to the bed and sat on it. I bent down over Zayn and whispered in his ear "You just had a letter, love. Wake up." And I kissed him on the cheek.

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