Don't look back *complete*

*1D fan fiction* They met one day in a train station. Love at first sight. They decided to ran away together despite of their life, family and friends.

Have you already heard about Eurydice and Orpheus? Well, it's a bit like that. Inspired by a play called "Eurydice" written by a french playwright, jean Anouilh.

Hope you'll like it. x


5. Paris at night

Eurydice POV

We hugged for a very long time and then he pulled away and smiled at me.

"Zayn, what's up?" I asked him.  "One of my friend know where we are and he came to see me while you were away." he answered looking at the floor

"What for?"  "He wanted me to come back. He wanted me to leave you. He didn't understand how much I love you."

I didn't answer but leaned in and kissed him. I was so happy he decided to stay that I began crying.

"Don't cry. I won't leave you! I swear I won't!" I shook my head and told him

"I know! I'm crying because I love you."

"Then, I won't wipe your tears away." he said, winking.



Zayn POV

I faced her and watched her cry. She cried for 10 minutes, then she picked the bags up and we ate.

"I want to wander in Paris!!" she exclaimed suddenly. I lifted my head up and stared at her.

"Now?" "No, I want to see Paris when the night will have fallen." She said with a huge smile. "Ok. If you want to." She got up and hugged me.

The day went slowly went by. Eurydice read and I stood near the window, watching people walking.

The night fell and we walked out. We wandered in unknown places, near the Seine and went to see the most famous places. It was wonderful to be there with Eurydice, walking on those streets in this beautiful city. We walked hand in hand, bioh of us filling with wonder at the sight of all those illuminated places. I was seeing places I would never have seen if I have been here with the band. But here I was, walking peacefully on the streets. I was back to anonymity.

As we were walking on a street, we walked near a theater. There was a few people standing in front of it talking. As we walked closer, they stopped their conversation and looked at us. Eurydice froze. I looked at her but her eyes were focused on one of these people.

She stepped back, stared at me and ran away.

One man, who was standing there, started to run after her.

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