Don't look back *complete*

*1D fan fiction* They met one day in a train station. Love at first sight. They decided to ran away together despite of their life, family and friends.

Have you already heard about Eurydice and Orpheus? Well, it's a bit like that. Inspired by a play called "Eurydice" written by a french playwright, jean Anouilh.

Hope you'll like it. x


8. Call

Eurydice POV

We were woken up in the evening by the old man knocking loudly on the door. Is he going to wake us up like that everyday? I got up and opened the door. I was in a bad mood so I asked him sharply what was happening.

"Phone call for you, Madam." he said handing me a phone. I took it and waited for the other person to speak first.



Zayn POV

I heard someone knocking on the door and felt Eurydice got out of the bed. I heard her talk quickly with the old man. I opened my eyes and saw her back. She was holding something near her ear. It might be a phone but she didn't seem to talk. Then, she said something very fast, hung up, threw the phone at the old man and closed the door.

"That poor man didn't anything to you. Why did you slap the door at him?" I chuckled. She turned around and threw me a cold glance. I got up and moved closer to her. I just looked at her. She looked me in the eyes too, with her emerald green eyes. She took my hand after a while and led me out of the hotel.

"Where are we going?" I asked her.

"Eating!! I'm starving!" she exclaimed. I laughed at the look on her face which make her blush.

We walked in a café and ate. We spend a very nice moment together in this place which was in front of the basilica of the Sacred Heart. Food tasted good and it was a beautiful evening.

Afterwards, we wandered in the streets. As we were walking, Eurydice suddenly stopped.

"I just remember I had to go somewhere in Paris. I won't be long. You can go back to the hotel and wait for me there." she said with a weak smile on her face.

"You will come back, will you?" I asked her with puppy eyes.

"Yes, I will" She told how to go back in the hotel and walked away. She turned around a few moment after and waved at me. I waved back and made my way to the hotel.

I know she told me she will come back but I'm scared she won't do so. I know she wouldn't have let me go with her so I didn't ask her so. But I still have in mind what she told early in the morning about that place.

I walked back in the room and sat on a armchair, waiting.



I waited for hours, sitting there. I suddenly stood up. I wanted to go and look for her. But what if she came back while I was away? I sat back on the armchair. Then, I heard footsteps and knock on the door. I quickly got up to open the door with a huge smile of relief on my face. I opened the door and what I saw made my smile fade away.

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