Christin was an a+ student she had principal's list and more.she wasn't liked and she wasn't popular she had little to no friends.she was always picked last when it came to everything except project and even then she had to do all the work.she wasn't sad about her life and she enjoyed it alot she just wants to be more popular and have some people she can socialize with.But she is given the opprotunity to go on Justin Bieber's tour and extersize with him shes not a fan and she isnt sure what to do.


5. WOW....

When me and Cody came back Justin was asleep on the couch with his hat over his head.Cody looked at me and licked his lips alittle.''should we wake him up?''i shook my head.Cody offered me lemonade and to get it from the pitcher in the kitchen.I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the counter.I grabbed the pitcher and poured the lemonade.I thought about my old house back in Ohio when--CRASH!I set down the glass and ran into the living room,Justin and Cody were wrestling on the floor and Cody was biting Justin on the arm.Justin stood up and punched Cody in the face then kicked him in the ribs when he was on the floor crying.''now shut the #@$% up you mother@#$%@&!''Justin screamed to Cody.''Just shut the @%$# up man!!"Cody said holding his ribs,i helped him up and and sat them both on couches far away from eachother.''OKAY WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!"i screamed Justin was breathing really hard and Cody was crying.''that little piece of crap woke me up,got in my face,told me to stay away from you and other bull crap,oh yea and that i never have,or had a chance with you then he punched me in the face.''i looked at Cody and screamed.''LET'S GO I'M SO DISAPOINTED WITH YOU TWO!!!''Cody frowned.''oh yea and Cody,don't expect me to be coming back here.And Justin has a better chance at getting me than you do.''I grabbed my stuff and walked out slamming the door behind me.''i can't belive you Justin thanks for embarrsing me!''i said speed walking to the car.''christin please im sorry-'',i cut him off,''i don't care if you are sorry just leave me alone!''i slammed the car door and looked away so i wouldn't have to look at him.''ok then.''he said sadly and started the car.


I got out the car and walked to the front door.Kenny opened the door,''hey!welcome back.''i half smiled,''at least your a gentleman.''i walked past him and ran to my room.''WAIT,CHRISTIN!''Justin called after me.''LEAVE ME ALONE,I NEVER WANNA TALK TO YOU AGAIN!!''I said muffled by the door closing.He banged on the door,i sniffed back tears while i looked at a picture of me and Cody together when we were little,we were best freinds forever,but not anymore.I remember when we were at summer camp together we made a pact to never split up,but look what happened.I to tryed push tears back but i couldn't i was loudly crying and justin burst in i looked at him.''i'm sorry i picked your lock and i'm-''he looked at me and got on the bed with me.''what's wrong.''he asked wiping my tears.''i'm just looking at a picture of me and Cody when we were little.''i sniffed.he engolfed me in a hug.i buried my head in his shirt.''w-why did he have to goooo!''i said and sniffed''he promised!!!"Justin kissed my head and tryed to sooth me with his sweet voice.''ohh,i dont wanna go back to being one half of the eqaution,do you understand what im saying,just a fraction of your love,fills the air.And i fall in love with you,all over againnn.''he sang common denominator to me softly.I looked at him and kissed him on the lips.he smiled into the kiss.''um,christin,will you go out with me.''he said looking embarresed i lifted up his head.''yes Justin,i will go out with you.''he smiled.


WELL ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.GOOD FOR JUSTY!!what will happen next??ouestions questions.well i must feel very updatey because i did three for ya'll and no im not county!LOL LUV YA'LL!!

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