Christin was an a+ student she had principal's list and more.she wasn't liked and she wasn't popular she had little to no friends.she was always picked last when it came to everything except project and even then she had to do all the work.she wasn't sad about her life and she enjoyed it alot she just wants to be more popular and have some people she can socialize with.But she is given the opprotunity to go on Justin Bieber's tour and extersize with him shes not a fan and she isnt sure what to do.


2. LEAVING................

 We left the school and Justin back on his phone while he carried the box.''you have your own room at the house,said Scooter,''after you are done setting up your room come downstairs for dinner,you too Justin dinner should be ready at that time.''Justin was still on his phone.''mmmhhhhmmmm.'' we got into a limo and  Justin kept skooting closer to me.''SKOOT OVER GIVE ME ROOM!!"he frowned."YOU  WANT ROOM THEN GET OUT!!''i tryed to push him over."I'D LOVE TOO!!!!"Scooter smiled from the front seat.''fighting like brother and sister already.''me and Justin said ewww in sync.we pulled up to a mansion a few miles away from my old school.Justin carried my stuff in to my room.''WHOA MY ROOM IS HUGE!!''justin frowned.''yea it's called living in a mansion!''i put up my stuff on the many shelfs and Justin jumped on my bed.''um get off it's MY bed!''he smiled.''yea it might be but it's MY house.''i smiled at him.''well if you need anything ill be in my room.''he said and winked at me before he left,i decided to change before dinner so i put on so green skinnys with a green tank top and put my hair in a messy bun.i looked at my face in the mirror,my skin was very clear from putting on proactive on for a month strait.because it was so clear i decided to put on makeup.''GUYS TIME FOR DINNER!''Scooter called from downstairs.i came out of my room and ran down the stairs and into the dining room i learned my way around because of the tour i had earlier.''Oh hey,Christin.''Scooter said while seating me.''thank you.''Justin came down stairs and he looked fine!''whoa christin you look--good.''i look --good?well now im nervous this is going to be a long dinner.we all at fela'menyon it was really good and moist,we were all talking then Justin blurted out''your hot.''Whoa.


hey guys i wanna see if your liking the story so far i know this is soon to ask but i wanna know so yea are you liking it?

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